Rave Master Characters

Rave Master is an manga series in the Rave Master franchise
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An old man who can make many Elixirs that have amazing effects.


Belnika is a sorceress who uses an artificial version of Elie's magic Etherion.


A Demon Card minion under the command of Lance.

Cattleya Glory

Cattleya is Haru's older sister who lives on garage island


A mermaid that joined Haru's group after he saved her.


A boy from Ska Village.


A young girl with amnesia that follows Haru on his quest hoping to find answers about herself, along with assisting Plue and Haru in finding the RAVE fragments and fight Demon Card, while figuring out she is the creator of the RAVE power herself.


Evermary is an elder who likes apples and was Gale Glory's adoptive guardian.


a demon card underling and the first villain Haru faces in Rave Master.


A resident of Mildea and a subordinate of Sieg Hart.

Galein Musica

Galein Musica is the grandfather of Hamrio Musica.


A resident of Garage Island and the owner of Cafe Tsubomi. He has a habit of constantly laughing.


a Demon Card member who is also the president of the Dog Track in Hip Hop Town.

Griffon Kato

He is a fictional character from Rave Master series. Griffon is a companion of the Rave warriors and acts as a perverted comic relief character.


He is a powerful magician in Rave Master franchise.

Hamrio Musica

Musica is a bandit and skill fighter, looking for the Silver Ray. He has the ability to manipulate silver into anything he wants.

Haru Glory

Haru Glory is the second and current Rave Master. He wields the Ten Commandments Sword as well as the Holy Bring, and uses it well and to the extent of amazing power.


Hebi is Musica's friend in the Silver Rhythm gang of the Rave Master franchise.


Jegan is a member of a dragon race in Rave Master series.


Let's girlfriend who is a member of the Dragon Race.


Lance is a commander of a Demon Card unit in Punk Street. He is a murderer of Musica's family.


The mother of Chino and owner of the Ska Village inn.

Let Dahaka

Let is a member of a dragon race in Rave Masters. He has a strong devotion to Julia and will go to great lengths to save her. He is a powerful member of Haru's team, and is later revealed to be a King of the Dragon race.

Lucia Raregroove

He is the son of King Raregroove in the Rave Master franchise.


The leader of the Mildeans.


Member of the Liberation Army and adopted daughter of Yuma Ansect.


A plant like creature which hangs on the side of Haru's house.


A minor celestial spirit that serves as a pet to Lucy Heartphilia of Fairy Tail and as a guide to Haru of Rave Master, along with assisting them both in their journey's.


a Demon Card member who was one of Shuda's followers.


Ruby is a rich penguin and a sponsor for Haru's gang in the Rave Master series.


a Demon Card underling who is a cyborg and a follower of Shuda.


Shiba is the first and former Rave master who gave Haru his first Rave and the Ten Commandments Sword.


He is the former Demon Card member and Oracion Seis. After Haru defeats him, he becomes his ally during the Stellar Memories Arc.

Sieg Hart

Sieg Hart is a powerful magician/elementalist and his purpose is to preserve time flow. He want to destroy Elie because of her Etherion's power that threaten time.

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