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Rave Master is written by Hiro Mashima, and it stars Haru Glory, Elie, and Plue who travel the world to get the RAVE fragments. They encounter users of the Dark Bring and Endless and attempt to stop them with various powers of the Rave.



The story begins in the year 0015, fifty years before the time in which the series starts. The world was being corrupted by the Dark Bring, using powerful stones to grant them power. Shiba, the first RAVE Master, attempted to stop the Dark Bring by attacking Sinclaire, the "mother" of the Dark Bring, with his Ten Commandments sword. The explosion that destroyed one-tenth of the known world, it was known as the "Overdrive." Shiba was protected from the blast by Plue, a special "guardian" dog. Plue and five other fragments of the RAVE were scattered around the world, while Shiba held onto one piece.

Fifty years later, Haru Glory, a teenage boy fished up Plue by accident. Several things happen, the mysterious appearance of a organization known as Demon Cards who have the Dark Bring and plan to take over the world. Shiba also comes to regain Plue, however he then finds out that Haru is the next RAVE Master. After the occurrence, Shiba entrusts the Ten Commandments sword, Plue, and his RAVE to Haru and to stop Demon Card organization. The adventures that Haru and Plue take are vast and their battles are great, Elie eventually joins the group at a the local dog racing track. As though continue their journey, Let joins the group. He is strong-willed and a great asset to the team, much like Haru. Eventually, several young adult/teenage hero's are on a journey to fight Demon Card and find the lost Rave fragments.


  • Kodansha (Japan)
  • Tokyopop (USA-former)
  • Del Rey Manga (USA-current)
  • Glenat (France)
  • Norma Editorial (Spain)
  • Editions Star Comics (Italy)
  • EMA (Germany)
  • Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd (China, Taiwan)


Rave Master is written by Hiro Mashima and it was first published in July 1999 and stopped in July 2005. The first tankobon volume was released in November 1999, and the final volume the 35th, was released in September 2005.

Tokyopop was Rave Master's first publisher in the United States, and published thirty-two volumes of the series. On August 31, 2009 they announced that they would not conclude the series due to the expiration of their license with Kodansha on the series.

Currently, Del Ray Manga have all the rights to the Rave Master, as they acquired the rights month after Kodansha released their rights to the series along with other manga. They started publishing in September of 2010 and continue to publish new volumes to-date. The final volumes are to be put together in a single omnibus volume, although whether or not a re-release of the series will be created remains to be seen.

Expanded Plot Summary (Arcs)

Intro Arc

Haru meets Elie at a casino when he is looking for Plue. Haru meets Shuda and Shuda breaks Haru's ten commandments sword. Shuda lets Haru go for some reason.

Elie; One of the First Characters Introduced
Elie; One of the First Characters Introduced

Musica Arc

Haru, Elie, and Plue head to Punk Street to find the legendary blacksmith called Musica to fix Haru's sword. Haru learns about the blacksmith's past and how his creation, the beast sword, was used by the captain of Demon Card to kill his family. The captain has Elie imprisoned and Haru rushes with the improved version of the ten commandments sword. Haru defeats the captain and Galein Musica (blacksmith) tells Haru and his group that a rave is in the Land of Falling Stars.

Dancing Thunder Arc

Haru, Elie, and Plue encounter Griffon Kato who accompanies them to a town that has a never ending rain. The thunder reminds Elie of a blue hair man from her past and she ventures to see the man. However, Haru and Elie confronts Go, a movie director and a demon card member. Go's machine is the thing that controls the rain. Go and Haru fight while Elie fight Go's girlfriend, Rosa. After Rosa is defeated by Elie, she tries to convince Go to stop the rain, but Go knocks out Rosa out by accident. Go who thinks Haru has hurt Rosa fights Haru. When Haru defeats Go, Rosa who wakes up forces Go to shut the rain machine. Go informs Elie about the thunder man named Sieg Hart who is the master of the elements.

Shuda Arc

Haru, Elie, and Plue ventures through the mines to look for the rave. After falling asleep to the flowers in the caves, the doctor appears and revives them. However, the doctor turns out to be an assassin for Demon Card, but Haru and Musica (appears in this arc looking for rave) defeats him. Elie finds a door and reads an ancient language which opens the door to reveal a talking bear named Deerhound. Haru learns that Deerhound is a comrade of Shiba and he guards the graves of the fallen soldiers and the rave. Haru passes Deerhound's test and receives the rave, but the doctor reappears and attacks Deerhound. Haru uses the new rave, Silafrion the Sonic Blade, which gives him superspeed. Haru outmaneuvers the doctor with the new rave and defeats him.

Haru fights Shuda again on a ship which is invisible. At first Shuda has the upper advantage due to his dark bring's destructive powers. When Shuda attacks Elie, Musica, and Plue, Haru gets angry and determine which makes him fight fiercely. Haru defeats Shuda, and Shuda is hanging on the edge of his ship. When Haru tries to save him, Shuda cuts off his arm after witnessing Haru's compassion.

Mystery of Elie Arc

After Haru heals from his battle with Shuda, Musica suggests to Haru and Elie to visit the Rave museum to pick up some hints about the whereabouts of the remaining raves. At the museum, when Elie sees Resha Valentine's portrait, she suffers headaches and flashbacks. Elie wanders off, and Haru with Musica tries to search for her. Haru bumps into a fortune teller who foresees a terrible future for Elie who is destined to die. Haru who refuses to believe in fate rushes to find Elie. Meanwhile, Sieg Hart finds Elie, and he informs her that Elie is a danger to the time stream due to her Etherion. As the guardian of time space continuum, Sieg Hart will destroy all threats. He proceeds to kill Elie but his attempts are futile. When Haru arrives, Sieg Hart still has the upper hand on him due to his magical powers that surpass Haru's level of swordsmanship. At some point in the battle, Haru whispers to Elie's ears to motivate her. Sieg Hart tries to fire magic in Elie's mouth which enrages Haru, but Sieg Hart unleashes a magic on Haru that gives Haru horrible visions of his mother and sister. Elie unleashes her etherion, and Haru manages to summon a new rave called Runesave. He seals Elie's uncontrollable magic due to Runesave's special ability to cut magic. After Sieg Hart witnesses Haru's brave actions, he informs Haru and Elie that he will no longer hunt Elie down. Near the end of the arc, Haru, Elie, Musica, Plue, and Griffon enjoy watching the fireworks.

Note: Musica bumps into his old girlfriend, Melodia and he tells her to wait for him.

Tower of Din Arc

Haru and his group arrives in the desert to search for the rave. After Haru and his gang fall through the sands into a hidden world, Haru and his team are capture by the palace guards. After some introduction and Haru's team clears up the confusion, the villager informs of an army of demons is attacking their village. Once Haru learns that a man named Gale is leading an army of demons, he rushes out to meet his father. After killing many demons, Haru finds out that his father is on his side and the "Gale" is Gale Raregroove who is a close friend of Haru's father. Gale Glory and Haru Glory team up and head inside the tower to defeat Gale Raregroove.

Major Battles

Haru fights Let Dahaka and defeats him with Blue Crimson, a new rave. Then Haru fights Racas and beats him without thinking due to Raca's mind reading ability.

Musica and Salasido fights Ron Glace, and Salasido kills him. Ltiangle appears and Musica fights alone after telling Salasido to find his sister, Remmy. Musica has a deadly battle with Ltiangle and kills him by grabbing hold of Ltiangle's invisible Dark Bring.

Haru Preparing to Fight
Haru Preparing to Fight

Haru and Gale fights Gale Raregroove (King). Haru learns how his mother dies when both Gales explain their stories of how Demon Card began and the betrayal the two men faced. Haru feels sympathetic for Gale Raregroove who lost his only son and wife because of his father's actions to call the authorities. However, the authorities do not arrest King and his Demon Card men, but they killed everyone in sight including King's wife and only son, Lucia. King is the only one who survived and he stabs the captain for giving the orders to kill his family. King beats up Gale until Sakura Glory appears. She tries to protect, and Gale yells to King not kill her. Yet, King tells Gale that he must suffer like him when King lost his loved ones. King slashes Sakura's back and she lies lifeless on the crying Gale's body. On that day, the two Gales became enemies.

Back to the battle, Elie comes out and gives Haru, the rave of combat.

(A comedic scene happens when Haru falls on top of Elie and he caresses her breasts by accident. The two Gales chuckle a bit while Gale Glory comments on Haru's relationship with her.)

Haru defeats and destroys King's Dark Bring, Decalogue (counterpart of the ten commandments sword). However, King refuses to give up, and he changes to beast. Gale uses his best sword technique and Haru unleashes his all of his might to defeat King. King realizes what he has done and he transport Overdrive to Demon Card headquarters and destroys it. King also kills himself, and he thanks Haru and Gale. Haru and Gale forgive King for killing Sakura Glory. Although King is defeated, the tower of Din starts to collapse. Elie clears the way, but Haru and Gale get separated from Elie. Jet saves Elie, and Gale uses his body to protect Haru from the falling boulders. As a result, Gale dies. After the battles, Haru buries his father, and he tells Elie that he would not tell his sister about their father's death.

Note: Shuda tells Haru's sister about her father and how he dies. This scene is revealed in the Stellar Memories Arc.

Symphonia Arc

Mermaid's Peril Arc

Stellar Memories Arc

Blue Guardians Arc

Makai Arc

The Last Rave Arc

The Truth of Elie Arc

The Final Battle Arc



Haru Glory ( ハル・グローリー)

Haru in Anime Action
Haru in Anime Action

The main protagonist in Rave Masters, Haru is an average teenage boy who embarks on an adventure with Plue to find the RAVE fragments. He is often compared to his father throughout the series, Gale Glory, for their courage, bravery, and power. Along with being a powerful Rave user, Haru also is in top-notch physical condition for his age, height, weight etc. Elie is also a major factor for Haru, and he eventually gets involved in a romantic relationship with her, meeting the plot with a twist that had the mass of the audience's approval. Even though it wasn't until later in the series, Haru had always shown signs of him liking Elie. He was always very protective of Elie, and several times he put his life at risk for her.

He is also very powerful with the Rave, just like his father. Throughout the series and as he progresses in his strength etc, Haru continues to show his fine control and immense power with the Rave. It was this power that showed Shiba Haru was certainly the next Rave Master in the line.

Elie (エリー)

Elie, a Major Character in the Manga/Anime
Elie, a Major Character in the Manga/Anime

She is the first one to accompany Haru and Plue on their journey. She has amnesia and an uncontrollable magic called " Etherion." Haru vows that he will bring back her memory. Elie is a very bright girl, and brings a tactical and smart addition to the group. One distinct characteristic about Elie that strikes her as odd is her addiction and liking of dog races and casinos. During their adventure's, Elie would pull Haru and Plue to any nearby casino that was on the way or easy to find. When she first met the duo, she was actually at a local dog race and attempted to save them.

Plue ( プルー )

Plue's Anime Version
Plue's Anime Version

Plue is a strange being that is mistaken to be a bug by Elie. He is a guide for Haru because he can track down the Raves that are necessary to destroy the Dark Bring. Plue is a Rave Bearer, meaning he can sense when a Rave fragment is near, a very critical part of Haru finding all of the fragments. He can also boost himself and Haru's power during battle by using "Rave of Combat." Even though Plue cannot speak, he is a very expressive character. He speaks a lot with his hand and is excellent at reading and speaking in body language.

Hamrio Musica (ハムリオ・ムジカ)

Hamrio's Face, Notice the Three Piercings
Hamrio's Face, Notice the Three Piercings

He is a silver claimer whose family is slaughtered by a Demon Card captain. The irony is the sword the captain uses is the sword that his grand father has crafted. His dream is to find the Silver Ray and destroy because of Rize's death wish (Rize is his foster father). Harmrio is also a leader of a band of thieves that are largely-known, their name being Silver Rhythm. Hamrio has many distinct physical features, such as, his amazing physical status. He is in the same league as Haru in physical stats, therefore he is peak for his age group among other important features. He also has three piercings above his left eye, and usually has one ring in each piercing spot.

Let (レット・ダハーカ)

Let, the Powerful Dragon King
Let, the Powerful Dragon King

Let Dahaka is a member of the Dragon race and his first appearance is a scaly green lizard man. He joins Haru's group after Haru spares his life in a battle during the Tower of Din arc. He is very tenacious about his vow to save Julia who is under Jegan's control as a dragon. In the beginning, Let was working for Demon Card, and was a very evil warrior, and his main job was to protect King. All of his motivation came from the excitement of battle and fighting, and it wasn't until Haru defeated him and showed him the good side of justice, that he saw his true value in life. Later in his appearance, it was shown that he was actually a king of the dragon race, rightful crowning for his show of great power, even among some of the most powerful characters in the series.

Ruby (ルビー)

Ruby as seen in the Anime
Ruby as seen in the Anime

Ruby is a rich penguin and he offers to help Haru's group by providing an airship through to lands of Symphonia which is guarded by a death storm. To get all the money he needs, Ruby owns his own casino that makes him a lot of money, funding a lot of Haru's groups needs. He is becoming very skilled in wind magic, using a bell given to him by his father. The bell is actually rich in its history and is known as the "Holy Bell."

Grifforn Kato (グリフォン加藤)

Grifforn Kato is a strange jelly, perverted thing with a large nose and dark black eyes. He can change shape to a certain degree, and no further. For instance, he is easily able to make his extremities longer, and inflate his arms, legs etc. Despite his pervertedness for Elie, he would go to great lengths to protect Elie. For example, in the Symphonia arc, he use his body as a shield for Elie when she is targeted and gets cut in half. He also has a unique relationship with Plue, teasing and applauding him all the time. As a little "inside" joke, he often calls Plue "Master Plue" teasing Plue for his bravery and leadership.


Friendship and Love

Haru Glory and Elie with Plue encounter new people on their journey. The first person to join their group is Musica, and the second person is Let (a martial artist who used to look like a dragon.) Rave Master values friendship in times of struggle and hardship. Love is a factor that keeps the characters to move forward and keep fighting to protect their loved ones.

For example, Haru tries his best defend Elie when he protects Elie from Sieg Hart. Haru's will does not waver but strengthens when Elie's future is pre-determined to have a hopeless ending. Haru emerges victoriously as he manages to seal Elie's Etherion, and he stops Sieg Hart from hunting her.


Musica and Reina are two Silver Claimers (manipulates silver to make weapons) who are fighting to find the Silver Ray. When the two finally put down grudges due to the Silver Ray incident, the two team together to destroy the orge. The orge is the one who stole the Silver Ray and causes both Musica and Reina's life to be miserable. After killing the orge with Silver bond, Reina sacrifices her life to destroy the Silver ray. Musica picks up the Silver spear which has Reina and her father's soul and essence in it, and he vows to use it in the memory of Reina and their masters.

Determination and Love
Determination and Love

Let fights Jegan to free his girlfriend Julia who is a dragon under Jegan's control. Let goes through extreme measures to defeat Jegan by turning himself into a human. The consequence is that it turns Let into stone/ tree. Let never gives up and vows to free Julia from Jegan.


A strong and recurring theme that reveals the tenacious passion of the characters who will try to beat their enemies or free their friends no matter what. This is shown strongly in the similarity in Gale and Haru Glory. Even though this is shown mostly with main characters, some major supporting characters also express this trait.

Heroic Sacrifices

Heroic Sacrifices are a common theme that Fairy Tail, another manga by Hiro Mashima, and Rave Master shares. In Rave Master, Haru's mother sacrifices herself to protect Haru's father during the battle between the two Gales in a flashback. During the Tower of Din, Gale Glory protects Haru from the boulders when the tower collapses. Gale dies while protecting his son. Even though heroic sacrifices can be pointed out individually, there are also acts acts happen on a regular basis throughout this series as well as many other anime/manga that are very similar. For example, Haru putting his life at risk to save Elie is common, and it is an heroic risk, heroic sacrifice was surely possible, but it was also possible for it to not happen.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 13
Nov. 16, 2001
Volume 12
Sept. 17, 2001
Volume 11
Aug. 10, 2001
Volume 10
May 17, 2001
Volume 9
March 16, 2001
Volume 8
Jan. 17, 2001
Volume 7
Nov. 16, 2000
Volume 6
Sept. 14, 2000
Volume 5
Oct. 14, 2003
Volume 4
Aug. 12, 2001
Volume 3
Feb. 17, 2000
Volume 2
Dec. 15, 1999
Volume 1
Nov. 17, 1999
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