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Welcome to another lovely recognition blog. My partner Fire_Star and I decide to document the contributions of users on Rave Master early as possible. Fire_Star and I started this project since the Rave Master Volume task. I will update this blog since I don't have all the information of the users right now except Fire_Star and mine. Anyone is welcome to join this project. Thank you for reading this blog.

Purpose of this Recognition Blog

Like the Fairy Tail project, this blog is design to boost the self-esteem and morale of the Anime Vice community. Also, this blog is to promote new partnerships for Anime Vice projects in the future. It is more fun (not to sound cheesy) and enjoyable to work with others on a wiki project than working alone.

The goal is to make wiki pages for Animevice the best place to check out anime, manga, and all the current trends. I know Rave Master is "old" but this blog will inspire more users to make partnerships or teams to tackle other anime, manga, or the whole franchise series.


  1. Before this blog was created, several users worked independently on Rave Master (Circa 2009-2010)
  2. Rave Master Volume Task completed in May 12, 2011
  3. Partnership in Character and Episode project between Fire_Star and Takashichea started on May 17, 2011
  4. Character pages are being formatted and new pages such as Rave, Dark Bring, Demon Card, Hand Shake, and more are created (3rd week of May 2011)
  5. Character Wiki project began on May 17, 2011 and complete on ____.
  6. Anime Episodes work began on May 17, 2011 and complete on June 28, 2011.
  7. Elie's page and many other characters are getting more info and formatted according to Ethan's wiki style.
  8. Anime series page is being formatted, and locations such as Punk Street and Garage Island are created. (May 18, 2011)
  9. Fire_Star's episode 1 " Rave's Heir", AnnaBanana's episode 79 " Fairy Hunting", and Takashichea's Shaman King volumes are spotlighted on May 20, 2011. See FoxxFireArt's spotlight page.
  10. Plan of Attack: Fire_Star focuses on the characters while I focus on the episodes as of May 22, 2011. We will add or edit each other's work.
  11. As of May 27, 2011, Haru Glory's page is spotlighted along with Tamao Tamamura of Shaman King. See FoxxFireArt's spotlight page.
  12. As of June 1, 2011, 25 episodes of Rave Master are finished with plot summaries and necessary things.
  13. On June 2, 2011, the progress report blog on Rave Master and Fairy tail is nominated by the community spotlight page.
  14. As of June 3, 2011, Fairy Tail, Shaman King, Hotd, One Piece, and others are spotlighted.
  15. As of June 9, 2011, a Rave Master Vitae list is created to effectively document characters, concepts, and other pages except episodes and volumes.
  16. On June 16, 2011, FoxxFireArt's spotlight page nominates Rave Master ep. 45.
  17. On June 20, 2011, the anime project's plot summaries are finished.
  18. As of June 24, 2011, FoxxFireArt's spotlight page nominates the 99% Rave Master Anime Project Done blog.
  19. On June 28, 2011, reformatting of all the Rave Master episodes is complete, so the anime project is officially completed.

Summary Table of Contributions

Here is a Summary table of users and their contributions in alphabetical order.

UsersAreas of Contributions
  1. Worked on Cattleya's page
  2. Worked on Celia's page
  1. Worked on Haru Glory's page
  1. Worked on Anime Series page
  1. Without his approval, Rave Master page will not exist.
  1. Provide images, character info, themes and links on the Volume's main page.
  2. Worked on episode 1 by finishing plot summary, add links, and added newly created objects and concepts.
  3. Created Demon Card concept and worked on various concepts and objects.
  4. Worked on various characters and formatting their pages such as Let Dahaka, Shiba, and more.
  5. Best work on character is Elie.
  6. Added links on the Rave Master's franchise page
  7. For the anime main page,
  1. Provided plot summary, table of contents, characters, concepts, creator, and objects on vol. 2.
  1. Provided two news topic on the franchise page: " The Rest of It:.."
  1. Worked on Franchise page
  2. Worked on episodes 1, 2
  3. Added Rave Master episodes 1-3?, 5-13
  1. Added volumes 20- 32
  1. Linked items on Rave Master's franchise page.
  1. Worked on episodes 1, 2
  2. Added 1 character and 1 creator to vol. 4 and worked on volume 32
  3. Worked on Celia's page
  1. Worked on Cattleya's page.
  1. Worked on Franchise page, Volume's main page
  2. Worked on plot summary of volume 15
  3. Gearhound's powers?
  1. Worked on expanded plot summary and themes on Volume's main page.
  2. Worked on episode 1's Characters, Points of interests.
  3. Created and worked on objects Rave, Dark Bring, Ten Commandments Sword.
  4. Worked on various characters.
  5. Created characters Griffon Kato, Shiba, Hole, Galein, Lance.
  6. For the anime main page, added opening and ending theme. Also, added story arcs/locations with brief description up to Shuda's arc.
  7. For the franchise, worked on overview, anime/manga differences, and Hiro Mashima's notes.
  8. Created Types of Rave for the object Rave page.
  1. Worked on Volume main page
  2. Added volumes 1-14, 16-19, worked on volume 1 and 14-15.
  3. Worked on Celia's page

Note: This table is not exhaustive and it is my estimate of who did what except for Fire_Star and my work. This summary table will be updated.

A new table or two might be needed due to more extensive information of our partnership, or type in paragraph form to make it readable.

Prototype Tables for Episodes and Characters

I might change these into paragraphs to make it easy to read.

See Plan of Attack in the update sections.

UsersWork on Episodes
Fire_StarEpisode 1: Worked on Plot summary. Added concepts, objects, and creator.
Episode 2: Added links, various objects, and other important items. Expanded Plot Summary.
Episode 11: Linking, objects, and editing.
Episode 12: Linking, Points of Interests, adding concepts and objects.
Episode 13: Linking and editing plot summary.
TakashicheaEpisode 1: Worked on Points of Interests (name changes and censorships) and Characters sections. Added images, concepts, objects.
Episode 2: Worked on Plot summary, Characters, and Points of Interest. Added objects, and creator.
Episode 3: Worked on Plot Summary, Characters, and Points of Interests. Added objects, creator, location, and concepts.
Episode 4: Added image for navigation and added Japanese titles.
Episode 5: Finished Plot Summary with Points of Interests and the page.
Episode 6: Added Character Section and one image of Plue.
Episode 7: Finished Plot summary and added characters.
Episode 8: Added Musica's image (to help navigate to the episodes)
Episode 9: Finished plot summary and Points of Interests (contains censorship and name changes)
Episode 10: Worked on Plot Summary, characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
Episode 11: Worked on Plot Summary, characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
Episode 12: Worked on Plot Summary, characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
Episode 13: Worked on Plot Summary, Points of Interests (censorships), characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
Episode 14: Worked on Plot Summary, Points of Interests (censorships and sub vs dubs), characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
Episode 15: Worked on Plot Summary, characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
Episode 16: Worked on Plot Summary.
Episode 17-22: Worked on Plot Summaries, characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations.
For Ep. 17, 18, and 21, added points of interests (censorships or anime/manga differences) 5-31-11
Episode 23-28: Worked on Plot Summaries, characters, concepts, objects, credits, and locations. 6-8-2011

*Check this table for updates.

UsersWork on Characters
Character Wikis:
  • Worked on Elie's origin, creation, and evolution. Worked on story arcs (up to Musica Arc)
  • Worked on Hole's origin, creation, and evolution.
  • Worked on the newly created characters Let and Shiba.
  • Expanded on Plue's powers, expanded on Plue's creation, and adding a Rave Master section. (5-24-11)
  • Expanded on Griffon Kato's creation, added image, added links,
  • Added image and links on Rosa's page
  • Edited Haru's page, add links, and added appearances in the creation section. Added physical traits in his evolution section.
  • Expanded on Shiba's origins.
  • Worked on Let's origin, creation, Tower of Din arc, and Symphonia arc 6-8-2011
Added links on various characters
TakashicheaCreated: Hole, Grifford Kato, Let Dahaka, Galein, Lance, Shiba, Song Continent, Silver Claiming, Gearhound, Dr. Schneider
Character Wikis:
  • Worked on Shuda's origin, anime/manga differences.
  • Worked on Lance's abilities.
  • Worked on Galein's story arcs, origin, creation.
  • Worked on Haru's origin and story arcs (up to Mystery of Elie Arc)
  • Worked on Plue's different actresses and added Plue's attack image. Worked on Plue's various alias section (5-24-11).
  • Worked on Griffon Kato's origin, creation, and evolution (added quote)
  • Worked on Gearhound's story arc
  • Worked on Rosa's origin and Dancing Thunder Arc
  • Worked on Go's origin
  • Worked on Dr. Schneider's origin, quote, creation, Shuda Arc, sub vs. dub sections
  • Worked on Musica's musica arc
  • Worked on Elie's Dancing Thunder Arc 6-8-2011

Misc. Contributions (Objects, Concepts, Locations, Actors, and Actresses

Rave Stone (object) = Takashichea create it, and Fire_Star expanded overview. Taka added "Type of Rave" table up to Rave of knowledge. (5-23-11)

Dark Bring = Fire_Star and Takashichea work on it. Fire_Star expanded and add links on it. Fire_Star added "use" and "similarities between Dark Bring and Rave" sections.

Silver Claiming = Takashichea provided info on characters, added objects and attacks under power, and expanded on similarities.

Future Notes

This recognition blog is more extensive than Fairy Tail's blog. I have to do a better job for my team in Fairy Tail on documenting the work.

To Anime Vice Users

Thank you again for reading this blog. I hope this will motivate users to form teams to work on future projects. I believe this site can truly improve. PM me if I forgot to include you or like to expanded what you have contributed.

Go Anime Vice!

Post by takashichea (15,899 posts) See mini bio Level 25
Now I have committed to three wiki projects: Fairy Tail, Shaman King, and Rave Master.
I must be over my head, but that is what the team is for. To divide the work and make life easier. (Except for Shaman King, I'm still looking for somebody to work with)
I need to format the episode pages for Fairy Tail and Shaman King still.

I need to study tomorrow for the Ochem test on Thurs. Good night everyone.
Post by ethan (887 posts) See mini bio Level 15

I love this team work stuff you post about alot. It's a great approach!

Post by takashichea (15,899 posts) See mini bio Level 25
Thanks! Hopefully the other users who are working by themselves can form some teams once I tell them.
Post by takashichea (15,899 posts) See mini bio Level 25

This Plot Summary for the anime page was not subjective.

Plot Summary

Teenager Haru Glory inherits the Rave Sword, a weapon wielded 50 years earlier by the legendary Rave Master Shiba. Shiba managed to forestall disaster by scattering the evil Shadow Stones throughout the world in a mighty explosion, but in the process also lost the "good" Rave Stones. When Haru fishes a weird looking dog, Plue, out of the sea, he also inherits Shiba's faithful canine companion. Heading to the city of Hip Hop with Plue, Haru joins forces with the feisty Elie and soon finds himself on a quest to collect the scattered stones, while evading the Shadow Guards and their General Shuda. Can the pair and their allies succeed in their quest? Well, this is a strictly-by-the-numbers quest story so of course they can, but take our word for it rather than spending 24 hours of your life to find out. Despite quite attractive character design, this show is limited in both concept and animation; Pokémon, Cardcaptors, and One Piece were here long before. Using pseudo-cool references to music and pop culture instead of a decent script is so last century; nothing dates a weak show faster. In outbreaks of sub-Tezuka whimsy, there's a Punk Street and a Ska Village as well as Hip Hop City, and Haru's battle cry is "Rave-olution!" Need we go on? Viewers chained to a chair and forced to watch it, however, may pass the time by drawing Cold War analogies-fifty years elapsing since the world was transformed by a large explosion, itself caused by the splitting of a magic stone. Based on the manga by Hiro Mashima.

Have to fix it.

Edit: I did not mean to embarrass the person who wrote this. I wanted to show the before and after.

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