Rave Master Characters

Rave Master is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Reina is a Silver Claimer from Rave Master.


Remmy is the village leader of Ray Barrier City in the Rave Master franchise.

Ron Glace

A very illiterate member of the Palace Guardians in the Tower of Din.


Rosa is the girlfriend of Go from Rave Master, she fights Elie thinking that she is the Rave Master, when Haru is.


Ruby is a rich penguin and a sponsor for Haru's gang in the Rave Master series.


a Demon Card underling who is a cyborg and a follower of Shuda.

Sakura Glory

Sakura Glory is the wife of Gale Glory and the mother of Haru and Cattleya Glory in the Rave Master Franchise.


Shiba is the first and former Rave master who gave Haru his first Rave and the Ten Commandments Sword.


He is the former Demon Card member and Oracion Seis. After Haru defeats him, he becomes his ally during the Stellar Memories Arc.

Sieg Hart

Sieg Hart is a powerful magician/elementalist and his purpose is to preserve time flow. He want to destroy Elie because of her Etherion's power that threaten time.


He is the brother of Remmy and bodyguard in the Rave Master franchise.

Wonderful Gocche

He is the leader of the Jiggle Butt Gang in the Rave Master franchise.

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