Rave (Holy Bring) Characters

Rave (Holy Bring) is a anime/manga thing
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The Guardian of the Rave of Combat and Conflict in the popular Rave Master anime.


A young girl with amnesia that follows Haru on his quest hoping to find answers about herself, along with assisting Plue and Haru in finding the RAVE fragments and fight Demon Card, while figuring out she is the creator of the RAVE power herself.


Gearhound is a fictional character in Rave Master.

Haru Glory

Haru Glory is the second and current Rave Master. He wields the Ten Commandments Sword as well as the Holy Bring, and uses it well and to the extent of amazing power.


A minor celestial spirit that serves as a pet to Lucy Heartphilia of Fairy Tail and as a guide to Haru of Rave Master, along with assisting them both in their journey's.


Remmy is the village leader of Ray Barrier City in the Rave Master franchise.


Shiba is the first and former Rave master who gave Haru his first Rave and the Ten Commandments Sword.

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