Rape Characters

Rape is a anime/manga concept
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Sara Scorpion

The main character in Uchuu Kaizoku Sara (Space Pirate Sara)


G-spot Express character

Sayuka Kouenji

The main character of Beat Angel Escalayer, she transforms into Escalayer during times sexual arousal to fight against evil.

Seiryu Tenmyoin

Student Body President of Moena's College. Everyone on campus believed that she was Angel Blade.

Shaiya Hishizaki

Raped by her brainwashed photographer, then by one of Widow's henchmen.


Shimada is a citizen of Tokonosu City who took shelter at the Taiei Shopping Town with several other survivors.

Shiori Tsuzuki

Under the influence of the Cloneblade she started to crave pleasure throw any mean. Throw battle, killing and rape. She raped an unknown man to death and tried to rape Reiji Takayama.

Sincline's Mother

The mother of Prince Sincline (Lotor) she was impregnated by Emperor Daibazaal when he raped her. She was later murdered by Daibazaal when she stood in the defense of rebel slaves he was going to execute.


A Battle Maiden like Valkyrie, she fights against the Demon Horde to save Valkyrie and Frieya.

Sumire Arimiya

Sumire Arimiya is a character in The Immorals adult OVA.

Sylia von Bernstein

Sylia is a main character with Sara and the twins Cecil & Karin von Gielen in Uchuu Kaizoku Sara

Takeru Shiratori

She is the sister of Mikoto Shiratori, and a character from the hentai, Inyouchuu.

Taki Minase

Taki Minase is the protagonist of the original Bible Black series. It is Taki that rediscovers the Bible Black book.

Takumi Musashino

The lead character of the Eroanime manga series TSF Monogatari. Once male and dying of cancer Tekumi had his body transformed into a female. Tekumi now experiences a new world of pleasure.


Teresa was nearly raped by a bandit

Teresa Kertoura

Teresa Kertoura is the Dark Elf princess who had a secret crush on Cecil. She demanded Cecil to return to the capital by threatening to expose his treatment of female prisoners to her father. However, she was manipulated by Cecil and was forcibly raped by Cecil.


Theo is the hero of Brandish, but not the main character.

Tougo Sakamaki

The father of the brothers and a man-whore. He is the vampire king and runs diplomatic errands with Japan's government.

Tsubaki Kasugano

After her parents had died in a car accident, she was raped by her followers who wanted to empty their sins into her in order to purify themselves.


A sex loving succubus from the Brandish franchise.

Urara Ebihara

The beautiful teacher that was blackmail to teach at Kokudou Acadamy


The main Hero of Ride of the Valkyrie, she was betrayed by Frieya and turned over to the demon horde to become a sex slave.


A ninja of the Miroku clan who transforms into a werewolf during a full moon unless she reaches an orgasm in time.


Yoshioka and his band members are rapists.


Yuki is is Himiko's friend in the Btooom! franchise.

Yukiko Minase

Yukiko Minase is the step sister of Taki Minase. She assisted in translating the Black Bible.

Yuko Morino

A school teacher who is secretly a witch.

Yuu Yagami

The main character of Night Shift Nurses Experiment.

Yuuka Tanabe

Yuuka Tanabe is the main character of Netorare.

Yuuka Tokano

She is the girlfriend of Yazaki Norikazu. She gets raped by Keito's band members.

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