Rape Characters

Rape is a anime/manga concept
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Rape victim

Akane Ochi

Rape victim


Rape victim


Rape victim

Aki Ichikawa

Rape victim



Akira Amamiya


Akira Honjoji

Rape victim

Angelize Ikaruga Misurugi

Ange is the first imperial princess of the Misurugi Empire who became a warrior after being discovered as a Norma and outcasted.

Anna Fairgold

Rape victim

Annerose Vajra

Rape victim

Aoi Kanzaki

Rape victim

Aoi Kurosaki

Was Raped by her Step-Father for many years and eventually murdered him.

Asagi Igawa

Rape victim

Asuka Okita

Rape victim

Ayame Fudo

Rape victim


Rape victim


Raped by Griffith after obtaining his god like powers.


Cecil is a knight and commander under the Kertoura kingdom. He has subjected female war prisoners to rape and had personally raped Olivia Lindegard, princess of Lindegard kingdom, and Teresa Kertoura, a princess of his country and a woman he protected back then.



Chin-Kyuu Koudai

Rape victim


Rape victim

Christa Sakamki

Rape victim


Possibly raped as a child, she was one of the survivors in a town where bandits only kept the woman alive for sexual reasons.


Clarice is a woman captured by Cecil. She is a war prisoner subjected to rape by Cecil's monster.

Diane Ryan

Rape victim


Diva Raped Riku and then killed him.

Futaba Higuchi

Rape victim

General Chloe

One of Phantom Lady's mutates and enemy of Angel Blade.

Genpou Saji

Raped Ryofu Housen and Chinkyuu Koudai, Ryofu continued a relationship with him.


He raped Caska in front of Guts


He was raped when he was nine years old.

Haruto Tokishima

Overwhelmed by his urges caused by the Valvrave fairy, he unintentionally raped Saki.

Hazuki Tachibana

A beautiful, well-endowed television reporter who is tricked continuously into exposing or humiliating herself on television, but remains tough despite what happens to her.

Hiroko Takashiro

Hiroko Takashiro is one of primary characters of the Bible Black Series and has been in all three series and the Bible Black Only side story.

Hisoka Kurosaki

Rape victim - Kazutaka Muraki raped and killed him.

Ichiro Tachibana

After peeping in on his teacher Ms. Yuko he was accidentally turned into a tentacle monster his friend Lili.


Ingrid is a lovely and stern demon-hunter who fights under the command of Edwin Black in the Demon City Tokyo.

Ippei Hosaka

The main character of Please Rape Me! who is only turned on by Rape.

Isaku Ito

The Brother of Shusaku and Kisaku, and just like his brothers he is a lecher.


She was almost raped twice by a drunk friend of her abusive father. The first time she manage to run away and the second time she closed the door before the drunk man can enter.

Kaori Saeki

A member of a group that's involved with "The Black Book". She is also a main character.

Kaya Blanche

A witch that was formerly mentored by Yuko Morino.

Kazutaka Muraki

Rapist - He raped Hisoka Kurosaki who was still a teenager.

Keiko Kurakake

Main character of cambrian

Keisuke Iwazaki

Keisuke Iwazaki is a teacher by a day and a superhero by night who rights wrongs through penetration.

King Zarkon

Rapist according to Haggar in the GoLion version of Voltron

Kira Kosuke

Kira Kosuke is a sadistic character in Btooom!


One of the Lead females in Cool Devices short "Kirei".


Is Gunji's partner in executing Arbitro's will and enforcing the rules of Igura, in Togainu No Chi.

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