Get A Look At These Live-Action RANMA 1/2 Pictures

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This might be a bit blasphamous ...

I never really got into Inuyasha at all. Of Takahashi's animated series, I think that the most natural fit of any of them would be Maison Ikkoku since, as slapsticky as it is, it's the most grounded of the four in a lot of ways. Though, then it wouldn't necessarily have the visual flair of Urusei Yatsura or Ranma.

Well, I haven't seen it yet (nor am I ever likely to) but they did make a live-action Maison Ikkoku film back in 1986. It would have been released before Takahashi actually finished the manga, so that would have been a problem. I have a hard time picturing this one live because the story took place over 4-1/2 to 5 years. Ranma still seems the most adaptable of the four since most episodes are self-contained and there are no demons or flying bikini-clad aliens to worry about...although...hmmm.

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