Range Murata Doujinshi on iPhone!

Topic started by gia on May 7, 2009. Last post by ethan 5 years, 8 months ago.
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This is a pretty cool story: illustrator Range Murata, whose new anime Shangri-La some of you are doubtless watching, as well as the creator of robot, designer of Last Exile, etc., has placed his doujinshi on Apple's app store for iPhone and iTouch.

But don't go jumping to any conclusions: this doujinshi, titled Throw Line, isn't porn, and it's not really a “manga”-type doujinshi either, in the sense of being a sequential story. It's a collection of illustrations and sketches, with 12 color pages and 13 black and white pictures. So it's basically a self-published elecronic artbook. But it's Range Murata, so it's cool.

The app is available in Japan and the U.S., apparently, which leaves everyone else out, unfortunately. But hey, it's a start towards seeing more of this sort of thing abroad, at least...although it'd be cooler if you COULD get pornographic doujinshi. Silly closed-minded Apple.

Anyway, those of you who wanna see buy it, here's the iTunes link.
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16-year-old breedin' hips with an 8-year-old's face. I love his coloring, I love his bodies, but sometimes the faces throw me off.
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Is this some of the first manga content to come out on the iPhone? If it is than doujinshi isn’t the best way to introduce manga and anime into the American culture [that isn’t already knowledgeable of such things]. I  have a hard time convincing people that not all manga and anime is filled with up skirts, tentacle rape, and other sexual deviancies attributed to the medium. And this being what may be a person’s first exposure to manga may not be very good in dispelling the aforementioned issues that are: what I think may be one of the many things (if not the biggest) that keeps manga from being taken as a serious form of art and entertainment. Instead I feel this leap forward is a leap forward into a direction that reinforces the belief that manga and anime are nothing more than just immature titillation that feeds an obsession of a sub-genre of nerd…penis    

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Blindshogun: Did you read the article? This isn't a smutty doujinshi. Not all doujinshi is smutty just like not all anime is hentai. Apple doesn't even TAKE adult material on the app store, I believe.

And no, it's definitely not the first manga on iPhone. OEL titles DramaCon and some Yaoi Press (again, NON-adult) titles are up there.  I think DMP put up some of Vampire Hunter D, too, but there isn't a LOT of manga direct from Japan available on American iPhones, I think.

That said, I don't bother putting a lot of effort into convincing people that there's more to anime and manga than hentai-- anyone who can't figure it out my putting, say, Ballad of a Shinigami or Cowboy Bebop in front of them isn't worth my time. I mean, do people refuse to watch movies just because technically way more pornos come out in a year than mainstream films? Of course not, because they realize that there's more to the medium than just one genre.

Also, I don't know why you're so upset. It's not like any company that puts something fanservicey up is doing anything wrong. If you want there to be more..."literary" manga on iPhone, start bawling to the companies that release it. Don't hold it against the companies who put up what they have.

...Man, that got long. But there are so many things wrong here...
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Oooh.  Some very interesting points.
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