RAMEN FIGHTER MIKI #1 - - Special Review

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I love ramen. The cheap kind. The authentic kind. The wildly experimental kind. All of it. I’d just inhale noodles if I could.

So I guess there was a bit of “pre-interest” going into this pilot. To wit, I really enjoyed reading the sort-of “ramen yojimbo” portions of OISHINBO last year, so I would’ve been easily pleased by something even a little close to that.

I might as well phrase my enjoyment in a food critic’s terms then. The core ingredients are light and satisfying, but there's a touch too much sweet garnish on top for my taste, and the soup's been on the burner for a few minutes longer than it needed to. In order words, the plucky heroine’s combative and conscientious-to-a-fault personality is quite endearing, but there’s maybe a 2-to-1 ratio of gags that hit to ones that miss (yeah, even the chibis ones, believe it or not).

But that’s really all I can say about this. It’s about the same level of appreciation and articulation I can use when evaluating a meal. Either I kind-of liked the taste, I loved it or I couldn’t finish eating it. I could finish “consuming” this, despite the chibi, so it gets a stamp. Favorite part was either when Miki stumbles on a hostage situation, or when she starts talking the cheeriest trash about the ramen joint across the street and its poster girl.

Since there's little else to say, I’m going to use this opportunity to plug the best noodle joint in LA - - Ikemen Ramen. I can’t get enough of their unique “dip ramen,” which serves thicker noodles and richer soup separately with the idea that you'll be dipping the former into the latter. And every friend I’ve brought there gets immediately hooked on the stuff. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Hollywood or Little Tokyo, do yourself a favor and go there. There won't be warrior poster girls attacking rowdy brawlers, of course, but the Ghostbuster Dip is plenty exciting on its own.

Watch this episode, “Invincible Poster Girl - Another Poster Girl " here and decide for yourself.

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I can't stand ramen but I loved this series :D

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