Is Raki a p***y?

Topic started by EganTheVile1 on Feb. 11, 2011. Last post by Destinyheroknight 4 years ago.
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He is whiny that's for sure, feels the need to stand up for a woman he himself know does not need his help (Clare) and whines and cries and hugs a naked Priscilla when she is chowing down on some random persons corpse and begs her to stop... is this kid the crybaby of the year or just genuinely caring?
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He's the opposite of pussy imo.  He knows he's weak and tries to train and get better.  He stands up for people, sword in hand, when he thinks they need his help.  He fought, poorly but fought nonetheless, the crazy psycho Claymore chick when she was threatening to kill Clair.  Pussies usually run away when the going gets tough, not run to it ready to fight.
I think the two of us define pussy differently.
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Na, he's pretty brave in his devotion to clare
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He make me not like the anime :(
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