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Somewhere beyond those bars, the rainbow connection lies.
Somewhere beyond those bars, the rainbow connection lies.

It just figures that one of the better prison dramas I’ve seen in a while is titled RAINBOW...

Maybe there’s a chance they were going for some kind of ironic juxtaposition like OZ, but I sense that it’s a slim chance. A lot of times, you feel like the sub-title team goes for rote translations without much finessing because they’re not actually thinking about how the text reads or sounds in English. This time, however, I was actually quite impressed - - this dialog was sharp, man! I’ll have to conclude, then, that they had many discussions about whether to keep the title and chose to stick with RAINBOW, anyway. Judging by how the episode ends with all these tough guys looking up at a rainbow through barred windows with such awe, I’ll have to figure that rainbows are, in fact, crucial to the plot.

Seeing as how the title of the episode’s “After the Rain,” I’ll have to also suspect that the characters’ arcs will play out like they do in this music video...

Friends, that’s the only time you’re ever going to see Nelson referenced on an anime site.

In all seriousness, though, this was definitely one of the better pilots I’ve watched during this latest sampler period. There’s a lot to like. The juvy kids may have made some bad choices, but they get dumped on so despicably in this episode (even worse than the guys in SLEEPERS did!) that it’s almost biologically impossible to not root for them. From a historical standpoint, this is also the first time I’ve encountered any story, anywhere, that’s set in post-war Japan. Even if a toon isn’t exactly the best place to get your history, I’m certainly intrigued to see a little more of how this era’s dramatized. Dare I say, I’m want to see more of the period's color.

Watch this episode "After the Rain" below and decide for yourself.

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First of all, Rainbow isn't the full name. Second, this anime is awesome. The first half is good but it's the second half that really makes it all better. I don't want to spoil much about this anime but the focus on their time in juvie isn't really the main point of the story. It really opens up in the second half (if you know what i mean).

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Well hey, the anti-terrorist team in Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy) always seemed pretty tough, and went by the name "Rainbow". Anything is possible.

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Rainbow? Rainbow Dash?

Okay... enough ponies. I've always been interested in this series, but it sounded pretty heavy and mature. Maybe it's time to start it! :D

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Hell yeah! Rainbow's gonna kick your ass!

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I remember being interested in this back before it first aired, completely forgot about it until now. Think I'll give it a look!
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I love this show. I was hooked right off the bat with the killer intro song, "We're Not Alone" by coldrain.

I wasn't even halfway through the show when I decided this was the 'sleeper' of 2010. A good, gritty, kinda-dark series that flew under the radar of most the anime community.

Can't wait for FUNi get around to releasing the dub.

Oh, and Tom, I believe the point of "Rainbow" being part of the title is because there are 7 guys and 7 colors in the rainbow.

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As as self-professed tough guy, I just wanted to say: I do like rainbows. Judge me, I can take it.

Speaking of judging, I might watch this one... sometime ;P

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Beautifully shot, well-written and well-paced even if the concept itself isn't exactly the most original in the world. I think it does require extra patience from the viewer, but luckily it's worth the effort.

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