Rainbow of Sakura

Rainbow of Sakura is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 04/02/2011

Dragon Filler Arc

Rainbow Sakura - "Niji no Sakura" (虹の桜)

Team Natsu decide to bring along the newest members of Fairy Tail, Wendy and Charle, on a mission to find and retrieve some rare herbs in the snowy mountains of Mt. Hakobe but upon doing so they encounter and defeat a Wyvern. However, their attacks trigger a large avalanche which buries Lucy in the process. The next day, she develops a nasty cold, forcing her to stay home and miss Magnolia's Annual Hanami Festival. Saddened by this, Natsu cheers her up by bringing her one of the beautiful rainbow sakuras that Lucy had always dreamed of witnessing.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Evidence" by Daisy x Daisy

Juvia misses Gray-sama.
Juvia misses Gray-sama.

After Markarov gives a prep speech, he ends it with their signature hand sign and states that everyone who works hard on their missions deserve a nice break at the Hanami party. Juvia is then seen crying over Gray who left without her to go on a job with the guild's newest members: Wendy and Charle. Both Nab and G ajeel try to calm Juvia down but subsequently fail when she floods the guild with her tears. Meanwhile, Levy, Macao, and Romeo talk about the upcoming Bingo game for the party.

Lucy can hardly contain her excitement for the Hanami festival.
Lucy can hardly contain her excitement for the Hanami festival.

At Mt. Hakobe, Natsu's team along with its newest members, Wendy and Charle, look for a herb that can amplify a wizard's magic. Although Happy states that he doesn't believe it, Erza nonetheless tells everyone to collect a bush full for the bingo contest prizes. During their search they come across a group of Vulcans which Erza, Natsu and Gray easily defeat. As they continue searching for the herb, Lucy talks to Wendy about her preparations for the Hanami and explains to her the beauties of Magnolia's cherry blossoms by stating how they're pink during the day and then turn rainbow-colored at night.

Natsu interrogates the Vulcan.
Natsu interrogates the Vulcan.

As they exchange some smiles and enthusiasm for the upcoming event, Horologium's time runs out and Lucy and Wendy quickly embrace each other due to the frigid weather. Erza immediately scolds them and orders them to join the search. Natsu then exclaims that he can smell the herb, but Charle doubts his ability since Natsu has not acquired the scent of the herbs. However, Natsu and Happy manage to prove her wrong as they run and find what they have been looking for. But upon picking the herbs, a Blizzardvern (White Wyvern) confronts and attacks them.

Team Natsu successfully defeat the Blizzardvern.
Team Natsu successfully defeat the Blizzardvern.

Gray informs Natsu that this is their lucky day because the White Wyvern's scales are worth a huge sum of money. Erza orders Lucy and Wendy to take the herbs while her, Natsu, and Gray take on the Wyvern. As the fight ensues, the trio attack the flying creature only to have their magic get repelled. Natsu's fire ball bounces off the Wyvern and nearly crashes on Wendy and Lucy, Gray's ice saucer almost hits Lucy, and Erza's lightning attack scorches Gray and Natsu. But Gray manages to get a firm grip of the Wyvern's foot by freezing it with his ice magic. As he yells to Erza and Natsu to finish the Wyvern, the two combine their powers to strike it down. Meanwhile, Lucy gloats as she picks the herbs, but the attack causes an avalanche which buries her in the process.

Lucy feels too ill to attend the Hanami Festival.
Lucy feels too ill to attend the Hanami Festival.

Because of the avalanche, Lucy gets sick and Natsu and Happy try to get her out of her house to see the cherry blossoms but she informs them that she's in no condition and then walks off to her bed to rest. Soon after, Natsu and Happy walk with gloomy faces to the Hanami festival where most of the Fairy Tail members were having lunch under the cherry blossoms. Happy asks Wendy if she can heal Lucy, but Wendy replies that she has cast a spell and it will get rid of Lucy's sickness by the next day. As Mirajane and Makarov start the bingo game, Lucy, who is resting at her house, begins to remember all that had happened ever since she joined the guild and regrets that she cannot attend the Hanami festival that she was so eagerly looking forward to.

Triple Bingo!
Triple Bingo!

Meanwhile, the rest of the guild begins to play Bingo with Erza being the first one to win. However, to her disappointment, her prize was a dried up and foul looking herb that her team had picked up the day before. Cana was the next winner with Happy stating that there's no hope in him winning and that he was hoping to give Lucy a present. Soon after, Elfman, Juvia and Levy tied for the third Bingo. Unsure of who won, Makarov decides to give the prize (two tickets to the Alkane hotel for 3 days and 2 nights) to whoever makes him laugh. Gajeel then pops up with his guitar and starts his gag with Elfman exclaiming that he ain't getting the prize since he was never near a Bingo.

Natsu sits solo without Lucy by his side.
Natsu sits solo without Lucy by his side.

Back at Lucy's home, Lucy begins to go deeper into her flashbacks, remembering the struggle and the countless battles and obstacles that she faced but not without the help and support of Natsu and the entire guild. At the Hanami party, Natsu remains silent and refuses to participate in the bingo game as he concentrates on his thoughts. As the day was near a close, he had a "hmm" moment suggesting that he came up with an idea.

Lucy watches the rainbow sakura tree float down the river.
Lucy watches the rainbow sakura tree float down the river.

At night, Lucy wakes up due to the commotion outside and as she opens her windows, she is awe struck by the beauty of the vivid rainbow sakura. The day after the Hanami festival, Makarov is enraged that someone dug out one of the Sakura trees and everyone knew it was Natsu but he tries to deny it. Lucy then generously gives Natsu and Happy a thank you hug.

Ending Theme

"Lonely Person" by ShaNa

Points of Interest

  • This episode is the adaptation of the special chapter in the manga titled "Cherry Blossom" (with the exception of Team Natsu's mission and the Bingo game).
  • This is the second time that Erza wears her Lightning Empress Armor (see Fighting Festival Arc).
  • This is Natsu's third time running into the Vulcans.
  • Nab is seen staring at the request board again.
  • This is the second time that Mt. Hakobe is visited (in the anime). It's only the second time for Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Horologium and the first time for Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Happy.
  • It's not shown which of the three characters, Levy, Elfman and Juvia, won the two tickets to the Alkane Hotel.
  • Cana's Bingo prize was not shown.

Potential Love Interest?

Group hug!
Group hug!
  • Although Natsu did not appear to have any romantic feelings for Lucy (see Episode 50), Natsu actually did something nice for Lucy which prompts her to thank him. Also, this is the first gift that Natsu has given to a girl.
  • Jet and Droy are seen with hearts in their eyes as Mirajane announces the tickets-for-two prize implying that the two have a crush on Levy.

Major themes

Friendship and hardships are highlighted in Lucy's flashbacks and Natsu's good deed.


NatsuDazzling Blaze of the Fire Dragon
(Karyno Kowe), Iron Fist of the Dragon
(Karyno Tekken)
GrayIce Make: Saucer

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Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.
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