Rainbow-colored Fuse

Rainbow-colored Fuse is an anime episode of Karneval that was released on 04/03/2013

Plot Summary

Rainbow-colored Fuse
Nana Iro Shirube Hana-sen
TranslationRainbow Fuse
MangaCh. 1-3 (Vol. 1)
Theme Music
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In the field, Nai recalls Karoku's face. On the bed, Mine caresses Nai's face. Elsewhere, an elderly man looks at his watch while boarding the train. Back to Nai, Mine notices Nai's Circus ID. Suddenly, an explosion is heard. After Mine goes off to investigate, Gareki drops into the bedroom where he meets Nai. Once Gareki notices Nai's bracelet, he asks Nai to give him. Though, Nai refuses and states that Gareki can have it if Karoku give him permission. Gareki frees Nai from his cuffs. Mine arrives and transforms into a monster with her arms elongated. Gareki calls Nai to run away and through the blasted hole in the wall.

Elsewhere, Hirato meets up with Tsukumo and asks her about Mine. At the mansion, Mine charges and chomps on the security guard who had Nai and Gareki cornered. Gareki tosses a bomb at Mine which blasts the room causing Mine to fall down a hole. Recalling a beautiful woman, Gareki holds out his hand to Nai for a handshake. On the train, some men tied up an old man and a girl. Among the rubble, a hooded man meets up with Mine. Tsukumo and Hirato arrive to scene where they find Mine dead. Hirato remarks how close they are to a lead, and he receives a call. While the security force are searching Nai and Gareki, Nai and Gareki hop on a passing train where they find it empty. Then, Hirato enters the cabin and attacks Gareki by accident. Afterwards, he and Tsukumo allow themselves to be captured by the men. When Nai arrives to find the location of the sound, Hirato breaks free and asks the men to stop. Hirato uses his cane to knock out some of the men when the men fired on him. One of the men triggers a bomb and informs Hirato that the train is rigged with bombs.

Then, Gareki asks Hirato to trust Nai to locate the bombs. As Nai locates the bomb, Hirato destroys the bomb after observing Gareki's diagnosis of the bomb which is an electrical jammer. After the incident, the elderly man leaves Hirato to speak with his "doctor." The elderly man informs the doctor about Circus and Nai's abilities.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Eiji Suganuma Director


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