Rain is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 11/24/2010

 Kau approaches Akira
 Kau approaches Akira

Akira finally visits Arbitro’s castle. Kau notices the tag on Akira’s neck and approaches him. But Arbitro stops Kau claiming it’s ‘rude’. Akira proceeds to ignore Kau, and asks Arbitro about the letter and Keisuke. Arbitro explains that Keisuke was responsible for the massacre in the neutral zone, and that it was all thanks to Line. Akira becomes frustrated and Arbitro teases Akira, claiming that it really was what Keisuke wanted. Arbitro stops teasing Akira and explains that he knows of a way for Akira to save Keisuke, but Akira must give Arbitro some of his blood. Akira asks why and Arbitro invites him to sit down before they chat.


Arbitro explains to Akira that Line is ‘a gift from the Gods’ and enhances human abilities, and that only he, Il Re and Premier know it’s true nature. Akira asks who Premier is and Arbitro explains.


Before the Third World War the government wanted to create the strongest soldier. The

project was referred to as ‘Project Nicole’. The specific research organization in charge of the project was called ENED. In the end they discovered that there was a substance that could improve the capabilities of the human body by a massive amount, which was discovered in one subject by the name of Nicole. They called the substance ‘Nicole’, which is revealed to be the raw material used to create Line, (similar to poppies in morphine).

 The subject Nicole
 The subject Nicole

Arbitro was able to get his hands on the substance, and Akira also had something to do with ‘Nicole’. Arbitro explains that he has reason to believe it was Akira who was the Project Nicole test subject. Akira explains he doesn’t know anything about ENED, but Arbitro says that the researchers chose orphans to take part in the experiments. Apparently all the test subject were deemed unsuitable had their memories erased and they were returned to the institutions from where they came. Arbitro says that Akira’s blood most likely is able to counter act Nicole and therefore Line. Arbitro explains that because of Akira’s blood, he can save Keisuke.


Arbitro returns with results that prove Akira is, in fact, an ex-subject of ENED’s research.

 Akira escapes
 Akira escapes

Arbitro tells Akira that there is a way to safely counteract Line with Akira’s blood, but it will take time. Akira goes to leave, and return when Arbitro has results, but Arbitro’s men stop Akira, and Arbitro tries to force Akira to stay in his mansion. Akira fights his way out and takes Arbitro hostage, threatening to kill him if anyone attacks. Akira releases Arbitro and runs off, Arbitro’s men close behind.


Keisuke continues his predatory search for Akira, following clues and trails left behind. The

man who approached Akira the other night carefully watches Keisuke marching alone in the streets. 
Akira is able to find Motomi a the church and asks Motomi for help, and hands him the paper about Akira’s blood and Project Premier. Motomi explains that they can’t use Akira’s blood to save Keisuke, as it is too strong.

 In the chapel
 In the chapel

Akira says that there has to be another way for them to save Keisuke because of what Arbitro told him. Motomi reveals that he was once a researcher for ENED and that it isn’t that simple. Akira gets frustrated and goes to leave in order to hunt down Arbitro and force out information, as Arbitro was also a researcher for ENED. Motomi tells Akira that it’s too dangerous for him to walk around a night, and that Akira should wait in the chapel until morning. Akira explodes and starts punching the wall, saying that there has to be something that can save Keisuke, but Motomi restrains him and explains there is nothing that one can do to save somebody who took Line. Akira comes to the grim realization that Motomi may be right, and he collapses to the floor.


Meanwhile Emma and Gwen are discussing tow groups, the Nikko group and CFC (two government organizations), and how they are also after n/Nano in Toshima. They vow that they must catch Nano first.


 Rin's flash-back
 Rin's flash-back

Rin remembers how Shiki also reunited his life many years ago, and challenges the dangerous man to a fight on the overpass. Rin charges at Shiki, but he quickly blocks the attack and throws Rin to the ground claiming he has no interest in Rin. Rin asks Shiki why he doesn’t care about his ‘little brother’ and despite the fact they have different mothers, it didn’t mean that they had to hate each other. Rin gets up and charges at Shiki again, but Shiki knocks him to the ground. Rin goes after Shiki one last time, but his knocked over the overpass and falls to the ground, halting his fall slightly by grabbing onto a bent pole.


Motomi bandages Akira’s hand, which was wounded when he punched the wall.

 Akira's vision of Keisuke
 Akira's vision of Keisuke

While Motomi tends to his wounds, Akira has a vision of Keisuke claiming that Akira wanted him to take Line. The vision continues to Keisuke tearing open Akira, and pulling out his entrails, a reference to a possible ending in the Togainu No Chi game. Motomi asks Akira if he’s okay, and apologises for discouraging Akira. Motomi tells Akira that the Nikko Group and CFC are going to invade Toshima. Motomi tells Akira he should leave, but Akira refuses and says that he needs to help Keisuke first. Motomi asks Akira how he and Keisuke got into Igura, and Akira explains. Akira begins to blame himself for Keisuke joining Igura and for Keisuke taking Line, but Motomi tells Akira that it wasn’t his fault. Akira begins to cry and curse himself for not taking notice of Keisuke’s feelings. Motomi tells Akira that if he is able to calm Keisuke down, and bring Keisuke and Rin back to the Motomi, then Motomi will help them escape. By morning, Akira leaves in order to find Keisuke and Rin.


 Akira finds Keisuke
 Akira finds Keisuke

Akira and Keisuke find each other and Keisuke begins to taunt Akira, but Akira simply replies that he was looking for Keisuke.

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