Rain that falls in spring 春にふる雨 (Haru ni Furu Ame)

Rain that falls in spring 春にふる雨 (Haru ni Furu Ame) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 09/12/2001
Tokagero possesses Ryu in the girls bathroom. He orders his gang to steal the sword Harusame, but Muscle Punch refuses. Suddenly, Tokagero stabs Muscle Punch. With the sword in his hand, Tokagero moves on with his revenge plan by taking another hostage, Manta. At Yoh's house, Tokagero has both Harusame and Manta and makes Yoh and Amidamaru choose which one to save. Yet, Anna tells Yoh her advice: there are 3 ways for Yoh to defeat Tokagero. One, is to defeat Ryu or two, is to break Harusame or three, is to let Tokagero kill Yoh. Amidamaru who is grief stricken gets reminded by a flashback in the past where Mosuke, his friend, sacrificed his father's treasured knife to forge Harusame for Amidamaru. With that flashback in his mind, Amidamaru and Yoh break Harusame. However, Tokagero will not give up and threatens to kill himself. Ryu's friends charges in and takes Manta and the knife from Ryu. In the end, Yoh chooses to give his body to Tokagero, so Tokagero can have his revenge. Even though Tokagero possesses Yoh, he cannot hurt Yoh because Yoh has shown him something special, kindness and friendship. Tokagero bids farewell to Yoh and his friends.

Anime and Manga Difference

1.  Anime does not mention cannabalism. In the manga, Tokagero explains that his mom sacrifice herself, so she can feed herself to her starving son. 
2. Censorship: In the manga, Tokagero drinks alcohol in constrast to the anime, Tokagero drinks cola.
3. Anime: Tokagero first appears as a lizard like how his name, Tokagero, means in Japanese, "lizard."

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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