Raimon Tarou

Raimon Tarou is a anime/manga character in the Eyeshield 21 franchise
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Wide Receiver for the Deimon Devil Bats, Raimon Tarou is known for his incredible catching skills. He was originally only interested in baseball and nothing else, however he could only catch, he couldn't hit or throw so he was recruited by the American Football team instead.

 Raimon watching his hero Masaru Honjo as a child
 Raimon watching his hero Masaru Honjo as a child
Raimon Tarou grew up a baseball fan, he always looked up to and idealized his hero Masaru Honjo, who was the best catcher in the game. One day at a game when Masaru broke a strap in his glove, he tossed it into the stands where Raimon caught it. After this he swore that he would grow up to be the greatest baseball player around. However, as he grew up he focused only on catching, making him the best there is at it, however in baseball you have to be good at everything, and Monta can't throw or hit to save his life.
He finally has to face this defeat when he joins the baseball team of his high school. He meets up with Sena earlier in the day when he catches a football that slips out of Sena's hand. Sena knew that his team needed a Wide Receiver, someone to catch the crazy passes that Hiruma could throw and Raimon seemed perfect for this part. However he only wanted to play baseball and that was it. Sena saw him on the field and saw what he was capable of, he was catching everything that was hit out there, however after seeing his poor passing skills and hitting abilities, Raimon was assigned a spot on the Third Tier roster. Raimon was told by the other players that Third Tier was just a nice way of saying they don't want you on the team but they don't have the heart to tell you because you will never play.
 Raimon and Sena's relationship is off to a rough start
 Raimon and Sena's relationship is off to a rough start
Raimon is in despair, unable to believe that even after all his work he is still only a Third Tier player. Sena offers him a spot as the Wide Reciever, but he only loves baseball. However he is amazed at himself when Hiruma throws a powerful pass at him and he catches it. He thinks it over and is convinced by a lie from Hiruma and by his crush on Mamori that he should join the team. At first he believes lies about rude things Eyeshield 21 has said and he fights Sena (not falling for his cheap Eyeshield disguise) but quickly realizes it was just a lie made up by Hiruma to get him to join. They celebrate Monta joining the team by destroying the old wooden catching board they had created to help with training, no longer needing it now that they officially had a catcher.
Voiced by
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Kappei Yamaguchi
Yuji Ueda
Si Ho Hong
General Information Edit
Name: Raimon Tarou
Name: 雷門 太郎
Romanji: Raimon Tarō
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Eyeshield 21 #3
1st anime episode: Eyeshield 21 #9
1st anime movie:
Aliases Monta
The Monkey
Recent Movies
Eyehshield 21:

They go to the golden bowl.

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Radar Sense
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