Racing Brothers Lets and Go

Racing Brothers Lets and Go is an anime series
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Lets and Go are a pair of preteen brothers obsessed with mini racing cars-half lawn mower, half Formula One. In this long-running series based on a manga by Tetsuhiro Koshita, the boys work for genius inventor Professor Tsuchiya to defeat the agents of his rival, Professor Inugami, both on and off the tracks. After the first 51 episodes, the series was rebranded as L&G;: WGP (1997) and trailed with a feature-length theatrical release. The series proper finished after 98 episodes, but it was brought back as L&G;: MAX (1998), renumbered back to 1, and featured a new look courtesy of new designer Ishihara. A junior version of Cyberformula GPX, whose sci-fi racing drama was still running when L&G; began. 
 TRF victory

The TRF Victory are a team from japan that enter the  WGP competition. TRF came from a word " Tsuchiya Racing Factory".

Retsu Seiba:
Retsu is one of the main character in this series. He's a fifth grader and 11 yrs old. He have a brother name Go. Although he's patience than his brother, he still let out his annoyance once in a while.His primary color is red. As u can see his eyes,hair,glove,pants and his car are red. Together with Go they known as "Let's Go Brothers". He's the captain of his team. His car is   
Cars: Sonic Saber,Vanguard Sonic,Sonic 600,Hurricane Sonic,Buster Sonic,Blitzer Sonic and last Rodeo Sonic.
Birthday: 10 April
Blood type: A
Height:124 cm
Weigh: 28 kg
Hobby: collecting post card
Hometown: Japan

Go Seiba:
Go is the second main character. He's Retsu younger brother. He's impatient, impulsive,rash,careless and brash. He's usually wearing goggles color is blue. His eye,hair,boots,gloves,shoes and his car is blue.He's car is fast in straight road. He dream to be the  no 1 fastest mini4wd. He's kind and supporting and cared about others and he's stubborn when he want something.
Cars: Magnum Saber, Victory Magnum, Magnum 600, Cyclone Magnum, Beat Magnum,Lightning Magnum, and Bison Magnum.
Birthday: August 1
Blood type: O
Height:120 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Hobby: Manga, video game
Hometown: Japan

Ryo Takaba:
Ryo is a wander live with his brother Jiromaru in a mountain. When he meet Go and Retsu he become rival and eventually friend in the end. He join the TRF Victory team. He have long black hair which tied it. He's car is fast like Go. 
Cars: Tridagger X,Neo-Tridagger ZMC, Rissing Trigger
Birthday:  August 27
Blood type: O
Height:140 cm
Weight:37 kg
Hobby: fishing
Hometown: japan

Tokichi Mikuni:
Tokichi is a spoiled rich brat. His father own the Mikuni Company and arcade which is the popular place for kids. Go like him because he's rich and have a lot of money but sometimes they fought together. He's good at making car track according to car's ability. He like to ride in style. His car ability is can move in zig zag track quickly as a lightning.
Birthday: March 13
Cars: Spin Axe, Spin Cobra, Spin Viper.
Blood type: B
Height: 118 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Hobby: Japanese tea ceremony
Hometown: Japan

He once worked for Dr.Ogami and become a battle racer. But later he found enjoying playing mini4wd thanks to the racing brother. So he decide to leave Dr.Ogami and work with Prof.Tsuchiya. And he turned into more cheerful boy. J is different from other team. He's skilled at mechanic machine. He was able to repair Ryo's car and help Go design Cyclone Magnum and Pro saber EVO. He's best friend with Go.
Cars: Proto saber JB, Pro saber EVO
Birthday: December 14
Blood type: AB
Height:140 cm
Weight:32 kg
Hobby: Gardening
Hometown: Japan

Other Racer:

Jiromaru Takaba:
He's Ryo younger brother. He love his brother so much and follow him anywhere. His car named jiromaru special, jiromary special special and jiromaru special special .

Jun Sagami:
She's seiba friend. They were friend since they were infant.
She's an Ace pitcher in baseball team. Her skilled in Mini4wd improve a lot because of the seiba and other. Her car name is wild home rome, Home Run Manta Ray and Super Home Run Manta ray. Her car is more look like a monster truck.  She once met Edge from Na Astro ranger and be friend with him. When Edge and Go have a competition Jun came and cheer on both of them. But when she found out that Edge have help with his friend she stop cheering on him and cheer on Go. At the end Go win.

Supporting characters

He's the head of Racing Factory. His first name never mention. He against the idea or Ogami about destroying mini4wd in season 1 at the end of season Tsuchiya and Ogami became friend. He also used to be a pilot and engineer airplane. He's a good friend with the coach of Na Astro Ranger. He say he can understand the feeling of Na Astro Ranger in the end of series WGP episode. He's also the creator of super Avante.

Takeshi Sugiyama" mini4wd yon fighter:
He's the announcer,judge,commentator in this film. He  possess a Shining Scorpion Mini 4WD racer. In the manga, he is shown using a customized version of the Victory Magnum known as Fighter Magnum VFX. He have feeling for Seiba's teacher.

Tamotsu Sagami  :

Tamotsu is Jun's father and the manager of the Sagami Model Shop that the seiba used to come. He refuses to have  any Battle Racing Parts as he believes that racing is not about destroying other vehicles.

Kaizo seiba:
He's the father of Seiba and quickly develop interest in mini4wd and like to race with his son.

Yoshie Seiba):

She's the mother of Seiba. She have a bighearted and courage personality. She doesn't like mini4wd because Go and Retsu keep fighting over it and Go can't concentrate on his school work. But she eventually to like it.

WGP Team and Rival

Na Astro Ranger are the trainer   from NASA representing USA. Their car called Buck bladder. Even though they look a like but they have different ability.

Brett Astaire:
He's the team captain. He's hair is blond color. He wear a t-shirt and a jacket and pants with belt on it when he hangout with friend. He seeing never take of his visor glass in the series. He seem to be cool and strict captain but he's actually caring and nice.  He's no 1 rival is Schmidt. For long he want to revenge Schmidt for the Atlantic Cup. Although they both rival but actually they are also friend when in not in competition

Car: Buck Blader (with Power Booster; a  ability used all the power of battery  which forces the machine into overdrive)
Birthday: June 2
Blood type: O
Height: 154 cm
Hobby: Crossword puzzles
Hometown: Washington D.C.

Edge Blaze:
He's the most cheerful guy and outgoing . He wear light brown t-shirt and a black sleeveless outside and blue short pant. He wear black gloves and a necklace around his neck. He seem popular and cool in a way. His hair is red. He seem to be good at basketball and roller skate in the series. He hate a rich spoiled kid like Tokichi and he's the one who challenge Go for one on one competition. He doesn't like when his friend was hurt. He's a very emotional person and sometime can control his anger. Once he make his mind no one can stop him.
Car: Buck Blader (all-purpose setup)
Birthday: September 26
Blood type: B
Height: 147 cm
Hobby: Skateboarding
Hometown: Los Angeles

Josephine Goodwin"jo":
A yellow pony tail hair girl. She's the only female member of the group. She's kind  and friendly to everyone except the Rossos Strada people. She doesn't like to be underestimate and lookdown when someone does her anger grew. She developed a feeling for Ryo Takaba and in the end of episode it shown she  ask her coach if he can ask Tsuchiya Ryo's address when her coach and Tsuchiya talk together). She wear a pink polka dots shirt and brown short pants with a jacket tied around it.

Car: Buck Blader (high speed setup)
Birthday: June 18
Blood type: B
Height: 140 cm
Hobby: Surfing the Internet
Hometown: New York
Michael Miller :

He's the youngest member of his team. He seem to be elementary student. He have brown hair. He may be small he's smart and talented. He like to underestimate his opponent but because Brett keep reminding him he rarely do it. He wear  a normal light purple blue and a little spiral theme at the front
Car: Buck Blader (cornering specialist setup)
Birthday: September 15
Blood type: A
Height: 120 cm
Hobby: Ice hockey
Hometown: Salt Lake City

Hammer " Hammer D" David Grant:

He have silver hair. He's the tallest and the oldest member of his teammate. He like to play basketball and when bad thing happen he worried a lot and can't focus. He wear a blue sweater and light brown pants.

Car: Buck Blader (high-torque setup)
Birthday: June 23
Blood type: A
Height: 175 cm
Hobby: Basketball
Hometown: San Francisco

Eisen wolf( Germany)

Michael: a nature lover boy. He have Yellow long hair. He calm in every situation. He's the prince of mini4wd because in his record state that he never lose a competition and is very popular. The reason he kept winning because he can control his car with his feeling but later was prove wrong by Retsu and Michael lose in episode 50 and In episode 51 he seem can't take the lose and began to control his car the way is used to be but thanks to Go he realized that running with his car with all his feeling is fun but didn't win at the end of episode.
His M4WD is the Bergkaiser Type:R.
Birthday: 14 February.
Blood type: Ab.
Tall: 142 centimeters.
Hobby: Likes playing with animals. 
hometown: Bayern

Schmidt :  He's very protective over Michael. He's have a dark brown color hair. He's no 1 Brett's rival. In the series it show that Brett and him are rival. Although they are rival in episode 51 it show that Brett and Schmitd are talking and chatting in the balcony it's the first time shows that they are friend and not rival.His M4WD is the Bergkaiser Type:L 
 Birthday: 3 May.
Blood type: B.
Tall: 155 centimeters. 
 Hobby: Riding.
Hometown: Frankfurt.

Erich: Also a member of the Eisen Wolf. His M4WD is the Bergkaiser Type:R
 Birthday: 5 January.
Blood type: A.
Tall: 161 centimeters
  Hobby: Mechanic manipulation.
Hometown: Hamburg 

Adolf HOLT a member of Eisen Wolf
  Primary school.Sixth grade.
Birthday: 16 July.
Blood type: A.
Tall: 161 centimeters.
Hobby: Piano performance.
 Hometown: Bonn 

 Carl Häßler a member of Eisen Wolf

Primary School.Sixth Grade.
Birthday: 4 May.
Blood type: A.
Tall: 165 centimeters.
Hobby: Biliards.
Hometown: Berlin

CCP Silver Fox (Russia)

Yuri Shuvolks:

A boy who is kind and careful. A nature-lover also. His Car  is the Omega01.

Savannah Soldiers (Africa)

Their coach  (Kai Okita), the Savannah Soldiers consist  of female racers. Their Team's cars are the Beak Spider Zebra;

Light Scorpion (China)


A Chinese boy who never gives up as a Mini-four Racer. His  car  is the Shining Scorpion.

Odins (Northern Europe)


He always says that his car  is the fastest. His car  is the White Knight.

AR Boomerangs (Australia)


An Australian boy. His car  is the Native Sun used to  equipped with Solar Panels  for powering the vehicle to so the car doesn't  need for changing batteries. The Native Sun is also have  auxiliary batteries used for powering both the vehicle and the wipers.

Cool Caribbeans (Jamaica)


A Jamaican Racer and the leader of Cool Caribbeans who loves to dance so much. He doesn't care about winning or losing he's good enough if his car can race. His car is the Jammin RG.
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