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Teenage ero-novelist genius Taketo Akutagawa enters the Inspiration Academy, a school for geniuses, in order to cultivate his talents and try to fit in.


R-15 is based on a series of light novels by the same name. They were written by Hiroyuki Fushimi and illustrated by Takuya Fujima. The series is directed by Munenori Nawa, written by Sumio Uetake, and has music by Yuichi Nonaka. Produced by AIC, the series is airing on many different networks in Japan. The first episode aired in Japan on July 16, 2011.


Akutagawa Taketo is a talented erotic writer. Publishing his works under a pen name, he has become famous for his works. After revealing himself as the author, the students at his middle school shun him and talk about him behind his back. Frustrated with this, he applies and is accepted to the Inspiration Academy, a school for geniuses where he hopes his talents will be appreciated and cultivated.


Akutagawa Taketo

The main character, Taketo is a genius novelist. He mainly writes erotic fiction and suffers much ridicule and derision for it. He wants people to recognize his talents and understand the importance of sex in life. He frequently has fantasies that can cause uncontrolled bouts of writing when something triggers his imagination. He writes for the school's Newspaper Circle, leading to his encounters with many of the other students.

Enshuu Ritsu

Taketo's best friend and the resident math genius. The first person to accept Taketo's gift and not judge him. He frequently experiences bouts of sexual excitement from unusual things that can only be cured by having him do math.

Meiki Raika

A photography genius, she ends up assigned to take photos for many of the stories Taketo is assigned for the Newspaper Circle. She enjoys making fun of Taketo and tries to take pictures of him when he has his fantasies.

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Name R-15
Name: R-15
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