Bleach #4 - Quincy Archer Hates You

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/07/2004

Plot Summary

A new reality-show craze is sweeping the nation, garnering legions of screaming fans (the majority of them being teenaged girls). But this program comes with a supernatural twist--the host, a media-savvy spiritualist, travels to local hotspots and performs exorcisms, live on national TV! Surly Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki has his doubts about this primetime prima donna, and his assumptions are about to be put to the test--the show is heading straight for his neighborhood! What effect will this unprovoked media presence have on the fragile balance between Earth and the spirit world?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 026. Paradise is Nowhere
  • Chapter 027. Spirits Ain't Always WITH US
  • Chapter 028. Symptom of Synesthesia
  • Chapter 029. Stop that stupid!!
  • Chapter 030. Second Contact [it was outside the scope of our understanding]
  • Chapter 031. Heroes can Save you
  • Chapter 032. Hero is Always With Me?
  • Chapter 033. Rockin' Future 7
  • Chapter 034. Quincy Archer Hates You


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Tite Kubo artist, cover, writer,



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