When No One Cosplays Your Show...

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...Hire a pin-up model to do it. And put the photos in a book. And sell it to lonely otaku.

That's the latest from Queen's Blade, as it happens: model Yuuri Morishita, known for her Chun-Li cosplay, is now doing a cosplay photo book in which she portrays Queen's Blade character Airi, a combat maid.

Airi actually has considerably more clothing than your average Queen's Blade character, and it's also probably a lot cheaper to come by than custom-made armor, so I guess I see why they would choose her instead of, you know, the show's lead character or something. (I'm not familiar enough with the characters to know if one is more popular than the others.)
Still, she's a cute girl, and she's cosplaying a maid. It's hard to ask for more than that, really.

By the by, if you're curious, the reason that these images are a bit blurry is because they come from a promo video for the book, not the book itself. One of several videos, as far as I can tell; here's one under an NSFW cut-- I'm not entirely sure if it'll work embedded unless you're logged into a YouTube account since the vid is also tagged 18+, but we'll give it a shot. In case it doesn't work, I'll add a couple of the more NSFW pics, too.
What do you think? Win cosplay, or fail?
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