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Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin is an anime series in the Queen's Blade franchise
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Guys, this is one you might not want to miss. Reviewed by lordbane666 on Nov. 11, 2011. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews.

The series of Queen's Blade takes place on a sword and sorcery fantasy world of Humans, Elves and Dwarfs, where Angels and Demons are ever present, and terrible monsters are a threat. The main story follows the first born, but second eldest daughter of Lord Vance, namly Lenia Vance, as she runs away from home against her father's decree that she remain sequestered in his castle, and goes on a journey to test the limit of her strength. Eventually, she decides to enter a competition held once every four years to determine the next queen of the continent, know as the Queen's Blade, held in the capital city of Gynos. The very same competition that took her mother's life, and attracts the best female warriors from the known world to vie for the rulership of the continent in one on one combat, the winner of which must take on the reigning queen. Along the way she meets the other ladies she will have to face in the competition, many of whom she befriends. To make matters more interesting, Lenia's adopted older sister and (blood related) younger sister are sent after her, under orders from there father to bring Lenia back home. However, a much bigger threat comes from three formidable female demons, in the service of the Swamp Witch, who are out to stop the Queen's Blade from taking place, buy using deadly force on the competitors and anyone else who gets in there way.

Normally, a series with this level of Ecchi, fan service, bikini armor and panchira (which was nearly constant and over the top) would have that much nudity to cover the fact it otherwise sucked. But this anime, in all other respects, was consistently above average to outstanding in every category. For starters, the artwork was amazing, as the level of detail in things like the character's faces, expressions, attire and weapons surpassed any industry standard, giving this anime a deep, rich quality from an artistic perspective. Even the background details where very well done. The characters, and there where plenty of them in this nearly all female cast, had a uniqueness that went well beyond the way they looked, dressed, talked, weapons, combat style and special attacks. They each had there very own perspective of the world, and from that, there own story and reason to go for the crown. Fortunately, these many side stories did little to interfere with the main story and where interwoven about as well as one could hope for. In addition, there was a great ever present element of humor, not over the top but just enough to keep the mood light. The battles where well choreographed and drawn with a high amount of detail. The battles, though plentiful, where not too long and became a part of the story rather than the story itself. The dialog and plot rose to the level of the artwork in this series, giving each episode an addictive quality. It was hard to end one episode without starting the next, though it took me three days to watch the whole series. As a whole, it would rank as one of the best animes I have ever seen, but fell short this achievement due to the fact I almost got tired of looking at anime tits (costing the rating half a star), and I am a dirty old man with a high tolerance for such things. I seriously doubt anyone who isn't a heterosexual man (or lesbian woman, I guess) would like this one, it was really made for men.

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