Japan Scores More Acid-Shooting Boobies

Topic started by gia on June 17, 2009. Last post by Void_Wizard 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Yes, indeed, folks, a sequel to the second season of Queen's Blade was apparently announced at the end of the first season's final episode, just in case you didn't get enough of demons who shoot acid out of their breasts to dissolve the clothing of human women, and other such animated gems.

In case you haven't already had a glimpse of what the series is all about, here's a clip straight from Media Factory to promote the 9th episode of the series that should give you a pretty...BIG...idea of what you might expect should someone eventually snatch up the license to release it in the US. (I'd put money on Media Blasters-- sure, FUNi and Bandai both have their nothin'-but-fanservice titles, but Queen's Blade kind of takes it to a whole different level.)

(And yes, that is Aya Hirano as the fairy who does the next-episode previews.)
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Now I don't mind some fanservice in my anime but this is just embarrassing, especially at :28.
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No. Nononononononono. Nooooooooo.

I can't do any more of these episode summaries, nor will I watch another episode of this thing. I tried. I really tried, but I just can't do any more of them without a decent amount of alcohol in my system or some tangible prize that doesn't include seeing another sliver of my dignity disappear. Without either one of those, I am not going to watch another episode of Queen's Brade. I was originally willing to do it "for the lulz," but no more. No more.
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well so this is going to be the new Ikki Tousen. There no big surprise since if you check the japan figure top 10 and you see almost haft of the top ten are just Queen's Blade figure. If you look at the cast of the series, almost everyone has a figure, were Airi has almost 4 version (since she a maid with a giant scythe) and Reina got almost the same. I guess that the new series will be call "Queen's Gate" since that the name of the other aventure book or what ever they call.
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Yahoo this is great!
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