Queen of the Primitive Planet

Queen of the Primitive Planet is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 02/15/1979

Plot Summary

"Another planet has perished. Was it the power that controls the truth of the universe? Or was it perhaps the work of some other power? As if in pursuit of these answers, the 999 carries Tetsuro onward." - Narrator

Battle-torn before it was split in half
Battle-torn before it was split in half

While traveling towards Andromeda, the Conductor announces the next stop on the GE999: Battle-torn. As they approach the planet, Tetsuro notices that it seem to only be one half of a planet and he asks Maetel about it. Maetel tells him that planet Battle-torn was once a spherical planet inhabited by people with two different mindsets. One sought to preserve the natural beauty of the planet while the other wanted to improve the planet using science. The two sides could never find a natural balance for their views and eventually they decided to simply rip the planet in half with one part going to the more science focused citizens and the other for the naturalists. However, immediately upon separation the scientist's half exploded.

Maetel and Tetsuro on the surface of Battle-torn
Maetel and Tetsuro on the surface of Battle-torn

Once they arrive on the surface, Tetsuro and Maetel strip down to their underwear in order cope with the sweltering heat and 100% humidity. The two begin to explore the planet and come across the ruins of ancient yet modern technology. Suddenly, the sound of drums can be heard and Maetel tells them that they must hurry back to the GE999. Tetsuro asks why and Maetel informs him that drums are how primitive tribes communicate with each other and that it means they must have been spotted. While fleeing, a club is thrown and it hits Tetsuro in the head, knocking him out cold.

Tetsuro is captured
Tetsuro is captured

Tetsuro awakens in a dark cave to the sound of screaming. He explores around the cave and eventually finds a ladder that leads him to an upper level where he sees a man with two giant eyeballs for a head being tortured. Tetsuro freaks out but Maetel calls out to him and runs towards her voice. However, safety isn't to be found as Maetel appears to have been possessed by the eyeball creatures and is saying that she want's Tetsuro's blood and his life. Tetsuro is quickly captured and strung up above an outdoor pool of boiling water with alligator-like monsters in it. Tetsuro begs for his life by Maetel cuts the rope and he seemingly falls towards his death.

Maetel and Tetsuro flee from the eyeball monsters
Maetel and Tetsuro flee from the eyeball monsters

However, Tetsuro awakens later on and sees Maetel taking care of him. He backs up, still confused over how he isn't dead and whether or not this Maetel is friend of foe. Maetel tells him that she had no choice but to act that way and that when she cut the rope a net popped out above the pool of boiling water, which caught Tetsuro and delivered him to his current location. Apparently, legends on the planet tell of a queen who will arrive from space along with a bowlegged human to be sacrificed and the natives put two and two together with the arrival of Maetel and Tetsuro. Things don't stay calm for long however, as the natives have become restless and eventually turn on Maetel for saving Tetsuro and decide to capture her. Tetsuro goes to save and while he does so, the planet begins to breakdown and destroy itself. Tetsuro is able to save Maetel and escape to the GE999 moments before it explodes. He laments the destruction of the planet, but slowly begins to realize that this is the harshness of life in the universe.

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