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Welcome to the Fairy Tail weekly report! I'm going to cut this blog short. Sorry guys and gals, I'm working on too many wiki projects. It's all for the good for this community. We need more wiki editors, and I hope the work that my teammates and I do will promote the wiki.

Sabertooth, raise the roof!
Sabertooth, raise the roof!

The eight participating guilds of the Grand Magic Games are introduced! Along with Fairy Tail, there are old friends and rivals, old and new enemies... and at least one team that's completely unexpected!

— Crunchyroll

First off, I like to introduce the teams before we go over the good and bad stuff.



We got three new characters revealed.

So far, I enjoy their character designs. Rufu's masquerade theme is unique, and Yukino Aguria reminds me of Angel but prettier and more modest. Orga and Sting are raising their fists to the audience while the rest of the team are pretty mellow. It's a nice touch.

Fairy Tail B

This team looks much better than Team Natsu. Black is an awesome color for this team. It's slimming, sexy, and cool. I'm running out of adjectives right now. Mirajane and Juvia look beautiful while Laxus, Gajeel, and Mystogan look handsome. Laxus showing them abs off in a modest yet cool way unlike Sting and Orga who showing a lot of skin.

Raven Tail

Raven Tail looks fearsome. I like Corona's look, and the mysterious leader's mask. Talk about being dark and fierce. I thought Nullpudding would be green since he looks like a frog, but he's pink. Obra is a strange fellow. I'm stoked to see their powers as well.

Mermaid Heel

The mysterious girl's face and clothing design is a big tip off. I won't spoiled you. Kagura and Arania look spectacular. Beth looks like a normal farmer girl, and Risley is pretty wide which adds to the diversity. You can't have too many big boobed, beautiful girls in this show.

Lamia Scale

Chelia is pretty clumsy like Wendy. I wonder what are her powers. Toby's attire is ridiculous. Who would wear a sock as a necklace? Jura is sporting a wicked beard. Lyon is just as flashy as Gray.

Blue Pegasus

All the pretty boys are dressed up nice. The blue bunny is a random character. I was expecting another Bishie in their group like Loke's caliber or another beautiful lady.

Quatro Cereberus

In my opinion, this guild doesn't stand out much. Their wild hair designs are like a rock band which makes them stand out more.

Fairy Tail A

Finally, team Natsu. The purple uniforms are pretty surprising. I was expecting red, yellow, or blue. Purple looks nice. I wonder why Hiro Mashima went with that color.

Wiki Updates

Due to the characters' name, my partner Daniel Newton changed some of the names.

  • Eve Thylm to Eve Tilm
  • Juvia Loxar to Juvia Lockser
  • Lyon Bastia to Lyon Vastia
  • Nullpudding to Nalpudding.

Daniel Newton is making new profile images for the new characters.

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! Another week has gone by, and the best way to end a hard week is some good old anime. That's why I enjoy watching Fairy Tail and other shows on Friday.

Plot Summary

The Fairy Tail gang arrive to Crocus with big ambitions of winning the tournament. Little do they know the surprises that lies in store for them.

Watch Fairy Tail legally on Crunchyroll.


Beware of spoilers!


Juvia fans watch out!
Juvia fans watch out!
  • We get more new teams revealing themselves: Quatro Cerberus and Mermaid Heel. Though, we don't see them interacting with anyone.
  • The Fairy Tail gang has some humorous scenes: Juvia with Gray & Lyon and Happy with Frosh & Lector. Erza fans are greeted with some fan service and cute scenes of Erza. Heck, Juvia looks really cute in this episode.
  • The introduction of the new Dragon Slayers, 3rd Generation, is executed well. I hope Natsu and Gajeel fight with Sting and Rogue in the tournament.

Here is some Erza Scarlet shots. Random Curiosity had a big batch of them.

Also, we got nice shots of the new guilds.


  • It's a slow episode, but the action is going to start next week.


Happy: Talking Cats?!
Happy: Talking Cats?!
  • Lucy thought Wendy was into drug dealing or some illegal activities. I thought it was prostitution but the show is for kids. Don't pay attention to my dirty mind.
  • Ichiya pop in Erza's Jellal fantasy is a great scene.

Overall, this episode is much better than the last few episodes. It's just slow a bit, but it had a lot of new stuff plus silly antics with some mild fan service.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the franchise and the wiki project. Check out Daniel's newest project blog. Come and help out if you have free time.

If you're fan of these anime shows, come on down and chat with the community. All comments are welcome except for spammers.

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