Quagmire - Taumeln

Quagmire - Taumeln is an anime episode of Elfen Lied that was released on 10/10/2004
Mariko is lifting Nana up with her vectors and slamming her to the ground. Kurama and Bando arrive from a boat while Kouta and Nyu are running to a bridge past the dead policemen. Mariko is bored of Nana and puts her down as Kouta runs to her.
Kouta arrives as Nana tells him to run away. Shirakawa wants to talk to Kouta, but a scientist wants to end it and orders Mariko to kill Nana. Mariko tries to kill the latter because she is jealous that Nana has many friends, but she puts one of her vectors into her head and Mariko stops. Nana then falls from the bridge.
Nyu catches up to the bridge. Shirakawa and the scientist are shocked to see Lucy. Kouta tries to talk to her but Shirakawa hold him, thinking that Lucy will kill him, and the scientist orders Mariko to kill Lucy, but she tells him that it isn't Lucy and starts crying that she can't move her vectors. The scientist orders the soldiers to take Mariko back and when Kouta tries to escape with Nyu, he orders the army to shoot. They fire and Shirakawa finds out Lucy is different, but the scientist won't listen to her as the second shot is heard.
In an inn, Mayu has just explained to Yuka what has happened but Yuka doesn't understand why Kouta is so worried and looking after Nana and Nyu. Mayu thinks that he is looking after them and her because they are like 'castaways' and have nowhere else to go. Mayu also believes that she now lives there as a family and Nana and Nyu are sisters and Kouta and Yuka are her Mother and Father.
Back at the bridge, the bullets stop in mid-air as Nyu turns to Lucy and stopped them. Shirakawa has finally realized that she has split personality. She tries to warn Kouta, but is killed by Lucy. He gets a memory of Lucy calling him a liar.
The army ended up getting slaughtered by Lucy and Kouta has witnessed it. This led him in getting his memories back. It turns out Lucy has called Kouta a liar because of Yuka's gender and that killed his father and sister out of jealousy.
Afterwards, the scientist has escaped. Kouta has beginning to remember everything and realizes that Lucy is his family's killer. Just then, a gunshot is heard and Kouta jumps on Lucy, protecting her. They blush to each other afterwards. It is Bando attempting once again to kill Lucy. She runs away with Bando chasing and tells Kouta to meet her at the stone steps, the place where he looks out. She runs away with while Bando gives chase, leaving Kouta speechless of the event.

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