Pureblood Boyfriend Characters

Pureblood Boyfriend is an manga series
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Aki Kirito

Cana's childhood friend, he's incredibly possessive of her. Aki likes few people including Jin. He has the "Pride" and "Gluttony" stigmata.


A tormentor of Aki's. He held the "Gluttony" stigmata.

Cana Takachiho

The main character of the series, she was childhood friends with Aki and became friends with Jin because he felt incredibly bad about injuring her during her track training.

Eve Tsubaki'in

Aki's beautoful Fiancee. She loves Aki and will do anything to destroy Cana.

Hitaki Miyajima

An anti-socail vice-president and angel, he works along side Isuka as an angel.

Isuka Bernstein

One of the antagonists of the series. He is an angel.

Jin Shiranui

A werewolf decendit that caused Cana's accident that forced her to quit track. Because of that he feels guilty and has joined Cana and Aki in finding the seven stigmata. He has the "Greed" stigmata.


Suzuran's older brother who has one of the stigmata.

Masayuki Takachiho

Cana's younger brother. He spends his time secluded in his room and provides important information to solve Cana and Aki's problems.

Rie Kurumido

Cana's friend who she walked home from school with.


A little girl Cana meets in a small part of town. It is possible she might have a stigmata.


Aki's adviser in the "game"

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