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Average teenager Cana Takachiho thought high school life would easy, after reuniting with her childhood friend, it is anything but.

After being injured from an accident caused by school delinquent Jin Shiranui, Cana can no longer run on the Track & Field club and so she works as a run-around for the other clubs. One day when walking home from school, Cana is followed by a strange man who attacks her. Out of no where a mysterious man appears and saves her, which she then realizes its Aki, her childhood friend. At first she mistakes him for his twin brother, Eriya but then notices the difference personality wise.

When she tries to talk to him, Aki immediately runs into the crowd, blending in with the throng of people. As she tries to follow him, Cana spots a little girl about to be hit by a truck. Abandoning her search for Aki, she pushes the child out of the street and winds up getting hit instead.

As she'd dying, Aki comes back and complains this was all his fault and then leans over and bites her. When she wakes up Aki explains to her that she is now his servant, "food" to be more exact. She is neither living nor dead and will no longer age and cannot die.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Pureblood Boyfriend
General Information Edit
English Name Pureblood Boyfriend
Japanese Name: 純血のボーイフレンド
Romaji: Junketsu no Bōifurendo
Publisher ?
Start Year ?
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Aliases Junketsu+Kareshi
He's My Only Vampire
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