Pure Soul!

Pure Soul! is an anime episode of Wanna Be the Strongest in the World! that was released on 12/15/2013
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Plot Summary

Pure Soul!
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"Beautiful Dreamer"
Ending"Fan Fanfare!!!"
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Elena vows that she will defeat Sakura and take her back to Sweet Diva. Though, she will cut Sakura's ties to Sweet Diva if she doesn't have the resolve. When the bell ring, Elena dashes towards Sakura and grabs from the back. After the two women grab each other, Elena manage to get Sakura in a fluid segue hold. Meanwhile, Juri states that Elena came to them a week after Sakura defeated Rio. She remarks that Elena made a serious commitment. Elena overwhelms Sakura with a series of throws and holds. Elena keeps adding more pressure on Sakura after Sakura breaks free from being pin. Jackal notes that Juri played Blue Panther's role during Chinatsu's match. Jackal points out that Juri, Sakura, Elena, and Misaki all have one thing in common, an awkward sense of expressing oneself.

In the ring, Misaki urges Sakura to move forward as she reminds Sakura about her goal. Elena transitions from an ankle lock to an inside heel lock. With so much pain inflicted, Sakura gets a rope break. When Sakura tries to get back at Elena, Elena counters and grabs Sakura in a tumble moment using a kneebar move against Sakura. Elena tells Sakura to give up. When Sakura refuses, Elena continues to apply pressure in her kneebar technique. As Sakura manages to crawl her way to the rope, Elena continues to push Sakura's left leg. When Sakura gets free and escapes outside of the ring, Elena does another kneebar on Sakura. Rio stops Moe from intervening. Though, Elena and Sakura cannot be outside of the ring for more than 20 counts. After Sakura gets into the ring, Elena gets Sakura into another kneebar. The crowd cheers on Sakura. Kirishima look sadly at her former idols fighting in the ring. Sakura moves forward and grabs Elena into a hold once she spots an opening. After Elena gets free, Sakura punches Elena and does a Boston Crab on Elena. Sakura pays back Elena with a kneebar. Elena gets another rope break. Juri states that Elena has no real experience in wrestling despite her commitment. Sakura delivers her Sakura Special on Elena and pins Elena. Elena breaks free because Sakura's left leg was too injured. Elena slams Sakura with a series of throws. When Elena tries to body slam Sakura from the ring post, Sakura rolls away.

The two idols are exhausted. When Sakura grabs Elena from behind, Elena uses Juri Crusher, catching Sakura by surprise. When Sakura does not answer the referee, Sakura starts to lose consciousness.

Points of Interest

In the Miyabi ring, an inside heel lock is allowed.

Wrestling Moves Used

  • Segue Hold
  • Ankle Lock
  • Inside Heel Lock
  • Kneebar
  • Boston Crab
  • Sakura Special
  • German Suplex
  • Juri Crusher

Characters & Voice Actors

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