Pure Angel

Pure Angel is an anime episode of Sengoku Collection that was released on 04/19/2012

Plot Summary

Yuri versions of Naoe Kanetsugi and Kenshin Uesugi find themselves thrust into the modern day where Kenshin lands a job as a model while Naoe is the domestic partner. While Kenshin is content with her position in modern times, Naoe lives for the day that Kenshin plants her flag at the capital and is slowly becoming depressed that Kenshin is continually moving further and further away from the goal. Her depression is so deep in fact, that it has affected her vision and she can no longer see in color. Eventually, the two get into an argument and Kenshin completely abandons her plans of conquering the capital, causing Naoe to feel worthless and question what her purpose in life is. Naoe runs away but is tracked down by Kenshin, who tells her that she is happy just being with her, causing Naoe's depression to fade and returning color to her world.

Eventually, the two are confronted by Nobunaga Oda, who is seeking their Secret Treasures in order to return to the Warring States period. Oda is prepared to wage battle against them, but is surprised that the two are willing to turn them over, as they have no desire to return to their original time period.

Characters & Voice Actors

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