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Pumpkin Scissors is an anime series in the Pumpkin Scissors franchise
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While enjoyable, Pumpkin Scissors left too much dangling. Reviewed by Dream on April 15, 2011. Dream has written 149 reviews. His/her last review was for Blassreiter. 310 out of 325 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
As a whole, Pumpkin Scissors was a decent series that I did want to like. The premise of a war-torn post-World War I country attempting to move on and the aftermath of said war brought up some interesting themes to explore such as questionable moral actions from the military, political corruption, soldiers going rogue and poverty. These subjects are brought to light and tackled by the actions and motivations of those among the Pumpkin Scissors group and they do make for a likeable bunch from the idealistic and strong-willed second lieutenant Alice to flirtatious warrant officer Oreldo to the calm, reserved demeanor of captain Hunks. There is much focus put on Alice and Oland with their thoughts and motivations with their involvement in the Pumpkin Scissors and dealing with their own personal issues while the rest of the cast among the group seem to be around just to round out the members of the squad, even when there are episodes devoted to focusing on Lili, Martis and Oreldo. The series does sport some good looking scenery and character designs that provide a good amount of color and detail, though animation isn't always the best throughout the show (particularly in action scenes).

The biggest weakness with Pumpkin Scissors is the fact that it doesn't really dig into its major elements. Not much light is shed on Oland's past nor the motives of the mysterious group interested in details on the Invisible Nine that Alice's fiancee appeared to have involvement with. There is enough mention on the 13 Royal Families with influence in the Royal Empire yet beyond getting enough sense of Alice's family, we don't learn anything about the other twelve. And in the end, the series fails to provide a proper resolution to all these dangling plot elements that were either left open or unexplored.

Pumpkin Scissors was a mixed bag for me. The premise was something different for me to look into which did feature characters you could care for and focusing on their war relief efforts to help the populace and curb military corruption. However, leaving some major plot elements dangling by the end of the series does kill quite a bit of the show's quality. It was a decent watch yet with the show being another example of a manga series adaptation lacking a proper ending and leaving things hanging just as things with the plot are about to pick up, this wouldn't be a title I would want to add to my collection.
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