Pukin is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Pukin is one of the Saiseiya who is currently under the apprenticeship and tutelage of the greatest Saiseiya in the world, Mohyan Shaishai.


Absolutely nothing is known about Pukin’s history bar the fact that she is a Saiseiya of some skill, and that skill at some point impressed the legendary Saiseiya Master, Mohyan Shaishai, to take her on as his apprentice.


Pukin was created to serve as a supporting character in Toriko by it's author, Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro.

Character Evolution


Pukin has the appearance of a young beautiful woman. She has a fair skin tone with light brown hair tied into a single long braid that hangs down the left side of her body. The most notable trait about her body however is her extra pair of arms, totalling 4. The reason for the extra pair is currently unknown, if she has had the extra set since birth or if they were added through surgery. But it’s most likely due to an unknown surgical procedure she underwent.

Her attire is simple, consisting of a small sleeveless white jacket that she leaves unbuttoned, over the top of her burgundy sleeveless polo neck jumper, with both her jacket and jumper designed with her four arms in mind. She has a light purple apron tied at her waist and wears a long white skirt to complete her outfit.

Major Story Arcs

Four Beast Arc

After the defeat of the Four Beast in the Central Human World, Pukin is seen tending to the unconscious Teppei after his run in with the mysterious mastermind behind the Four Beast’s attack, Joa. After he finally wakes up, Pukin tells him that he has been asleep for three days and that a network of Saiseiya’s alerted her, and she brought him to her lab in the country of healing Life to take care of him. She then recounted what had happened so that Teppei could remember the details for himself, bringing him some food and drink to calm his nerves.

Pukin then begins to worry about the revival of the Four Beast, realising that it could only have been achieved by one man, her very own master, Mohyan Shaishai. She noted that he is the only Saiseiya in the world who is knowledgeable and skilled enough to perform such a feat. As Teppei inquired as to his current location, Pukin told him that he went missing just a few days ago, the news of which worries Teppei who notes that he should go and find out where he is as soon as possible.

Pukin then inquires about the scar on Teppei’s face, asking him if it has grown since the last time they met. But she then becomes reassured that it’s just her imagination and that there were no abnormalities with his body anyway.

Powers and Abilities


Pukin’s skills in combat are currently unknown as she does not seem to be anything more than a healer or reviver. Her skills as a Saiseiya however are likely high, as she is seemingly skilled in the medicinal arts and is also seemingly skilled at revival techniques due to her status as a Saiseiya. She is also part of an unknown network of Saiseiya, giving her an almost instantaneous heads up should another Saiseiya get wounded in the field. Thanks to her four arms, she is able to perform her duties quicker and more efficiently than a normal person would. Her healing skills were good enough that she was able to nurse Teppei back to full health in her lab, despite his run in with one of the world’s most deadly men, Joa. Unbeknownst to her however Joa did leave a wound she was incapable of detecting which later turned out to be his Taste Change.

As said above her skills as a Saiseiya are mostly unknown, but as the apprentice of the world’s greatest Saiseiya, Mohyan Shaishai, she clearly has a level of skill worthy of his praise. She was able to revive two ingredients that Teppei himself noted were difficult to revive, even complimenting her skill himself. She also appears to have some skills in cooking as she was able to prepare said ingredients to a level where they were good enough for Teppei to eat.

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Name: Pukin
Name: プキン
Romanji: Pukin
Gender: Female
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