Spaghetti Western Madoka Magica and Genre Deconstructions

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@cfatalis:  do you actually thinks it's reasonable for someone to sign a contract for doing something without thinking and asking about the consequences? The point that I mentioned about Kyubey was not that he was by definition evil, but that the show makes it fairly obvious who we are supposed to empathize by over-dramatizing the suffering of the magical girls. But in my opinion all the girls are simple weak-willed and naive for signing the contract. The very basis of the show is, a bunch of girls being approach by a stranger, stranger persuades them to sign a contract, girls trust the stranger and do so, girls find out it's not as it originally seemed, cue regrets and suffering. Evangelion is far more complicated than this and more interesting.
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@AURON570: Yes? especially if you are around middle school in age, and doesn't know what a contract means , and it offers your wildest dream?
Kyubey doesn't exactly goes on about it in black and white like a lawyer you know, he is all " hey wanna do this thing? you just need a contract?" Same thing as Shinji piloting EVA-01 without knowing the repercussion of angel combat. We are supposed to empathize on the protagonist, emphasis on SUPPOSED too. They are also forced to fight eldricth abominations if they don't want to die , the show is rather appropriate in showing teenage girl mental mind, compare Narutaru
Evangelion has the same basic asn nearly any mecha show as Madoka Magica have on most magical girl
The world is in danger-> boy is the only one who could pilot the mecha-> boy pilot the mecha ->mecha had this mysterious thing going on->psychological problem ensues(and in a subversion Boy doesn't man up after this problem and become the ace pilot)->there is another enemy GASP hidden in our midst->downer ending
In other word Ideon, or Super robot with ANGST, congrats Evangelion is"complicated"
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@cfatalis:  Exactly, the point is that Kyubey intentionally does not lay out the contract for them, and makes him automatically bad. And we're supposed to feel sorry for them because they're kids, they don't know better and they were taken advantage of by Kyubey.
The conflict with Shinji is basic existentialism, as opposed to the contract law in Madoka, and throughout the series Shinji's motives and his reasons to live are constantly thrown into question, whether to act or not to act and for what reason he should do either, and consequently what this means for his own existence.
Also, I never said comparisons cannot be made between Evangelion and Madoka, I'm saying that Evangelion is far superior to Madoka as an anime, particularly how it presents its problems and tells its story.
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@AURON570: Evangelion is only superior, if you want to watch half baked psychology problem presented in an anime , that actually makes you think and confuse you with it's plot 
Vice versa Madouka Magica is superior when you want to watch Nanoha + angst and doesn't want to see confusing plot and too deep of a look into someone Psyche
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@cfatalis:  Lol so you're saying looking into someone's psyche is useless or not interesting? Keep that in mind the next time you try to explain to someone how you feel. And how is the plot confusing? You yourself almost succinctly described the story of Evangelion in your previous post. Also in response to you saying it is "half-baked", it's not as if Evangelion, or any art for that matter, sets out to solve all the psychological or philosophic problems that it presents or alludes to. If you want definitive answers and expect them to be handed to you, you don't understand the problems themselves. Also, if you don't want to think because you don't like being confused, then I have nothing more to say to you.
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I don't know if I buy the "Spaghetti Western" angle, but I am very curious to see the music from Once Upon a Time in the West--the video you linked has been taken down.

I definitely don't buy that the scenes in the witches' realms were "minimalist." There was nothing sparse or simple about them--they were ornate and complex. The use of mixed media did a good job of making them seem alien and threatening. Awesome, yes. Minimalist, no.

I am still not sure how I feel about the ending of this show.
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