OH MY WHAT A SHOW - anyone want to talk deeply about this?

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I just finished this today and I have to say WOW HOLY *(&&^%. This is now right up there dueling as my favorite show of all time. Wow. Gorgeous artwork, action, plot twists galore, and a deep philosophical story that is truly moving. I so want to have a deep discussion about this especially with anyone who majored in religion or philosophy. I see this as really speaking Christianity back to the west but with very much a Japanese/Buddhist slant. The echo chamber that such discussions have become in the post modern world (I can't bring myself to call it post post modern) is fascinating.

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@zaldar: While I'm no expert in religion beyond a healthy understanding and I am just a novice of classical philosophy, but I also really enjoy madoka and am perfectly wiling to discuss it. Though currently it is 4 in the morning so I'm in a bit of a low in terms of conversation starts.

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Heh will I will start then ;). What Buddhist connections do you see here? She somewhat merged with the universe it seemed like but it wasn't an all together positive experience...which seems pretty Buddhist to me.

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