Mahou Shoujo Ep 2: K-ON! + Kamichu + Bakemonogatari?

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Lots of talking in this episode, as it sets up what exactly it means to be a "magical girl". There's a part in the episode where the three girls are at one of the girl's houses, which turns out to be really big, they have snacks as the girl explains to them the terms of being a magical girl. This reminded me a lot of K-ON's after-school tea time. Unfortunately the more I think about it, the more I see Mahou Shoujo borrowing from previous animes. 
The main female character, Madoka, is very much like the lead female in Kamichu. In this anime the female turns into a magical girl. Whereas in Kamichu the female turns in a goddess. In both situations the females still go to school, have friends and are short, shy and cute. When the episode was not dropping lots of plot set up, the animation can be really really good. It can both make Madoka (the character) cute and fun, but also create highly unrealistic fantasy action scenes. Also the environments are really bright and clearly "artsey". In this way I found this episode reminding me of Bakemonogatari because of the amount of the way it did plot setup, the environments and also its fantasy actioney parts.
Hopefully these screens give you a bit of an idea what I mean. Also, I did a "wtf" when Sayaka (girl with blue hair) pulled out the Golden Bat. Because (to me atleast) it was an obvious reference to Shounen Bat in the anime Paranoia Agent. Which I should probably get around to finishing soon... Anyways I didn't really see any other point of making the bat gold, except maybe because the color yellow/gold is just awesome =P. 
Referring to the first screen shot on the left: There is just something cute about watching a girl wake up in the morning... >.> Maybe it's because it's that "in-between" time where you have to get back to reality and out of the great sleep you were having. It is also the best time to take advantage of people, or just make them angry... 
Also who is that guy with the white hair staring inconspicuously out the window in the 4th screen from the left? I actually don't care. It seems like the anime is going to focus more on the actually being a magical girl, fighting monsters and eventually unraveling and solving some great evil problem or something. Which to me doesn't sound very compelling or comedic or cute. Anyways, we'll see what happens.
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@AURON570: I think the problem you might be having with this anime is that it's trying to set up a lot of things at one time. 
For example, I feel like that one "guy with white hair" screenshot was probably a hint on Sayaka's backstory and why before that image came up, she was making that whole speech about other magical girls putting their lives on the line over a wish. Her wish might end up pertaining to that person, who appears to be infirmed and possibly terminally ill.   
Also, on that whole K-On analogy you're making, I don't think it has gotten to the point where all they'll be doing is sitting down and eating snacks (and I don't think it'll get there). A lot of this episode is just exposition - granted, it is a little slow, but I for one appreciate it, since I feel like a lot of other anime series are doing a horrible job at rushing exposition. 
I feel like this anime is going to be more than about simply being a magical girl because of some of the subtle hints they've been making on this episode and the last one. For example, all the conversations about "wishes granted by means of hunting witches" hint on some darker zero-win situation in which the only magical girls who gets their wishes granted will have to be the ones who rise above all other magical girls to beat witches. I suspect all the other magical girls who don't perform as well are why witches exist in the first place. I also suspect this is why Homura is so staunchly against Madoka getting herself involved in this world - because there is no guarantee that all the friends she comes across on the way will remain her friends or even remain as magical girls. Worst case scenario, I think someone is going to become a witch, betray Madoka or die. 
What I'm appreciating about this anime is that the "great evil problem" might not only lie in the existence of the witches themselves, but perhaps also in the magical girls themselves. There are a lot of subtle hints on how evil can exist in the magical girls themselves as well. I'm just waiting to see how far the makers are willing to go about how dark this anime is going to be.
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I think episode 3 will help a lot in answering some of your questions.
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