Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica; A Quick Review

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I just finished watching episodes 1 to 7 of this amazing new series, and I have to say it was stunning. It's been a long time since any anime has left such an impression on me, and with good reason- the series so far is an irreverent take on the Magical Girl genre (one which I am, admittedly, not that knowledgeable of), combining undertones of violence, loss of innocence, exploitation, and the importance of the human soul. It dares to ask us to consider the value we place on our freedom, even our very souls. The characters are incredibly well made, behaving realistically and in ways that one can relate to while still fitting into the 'magical girl' character type (innocent, cute, pure, etc.).  As the story goes on, one is left with many questions; what does Kyubee, the nearly Kafka-esque creature that grants young women amazing powers, get out of the contracts he makes? What happens to a soul gem once it becomes completely darkened? What is a witch, and what are their familiars? 
You're drawn into the story seamlessly as it wears on; even the scenery, beautiful and colourful as it is, bears a slightly sinister nature. The school that the main characters attend is made largely of glass, and it's HUGE (more like a university than a school). The classrooms are all lined up like prison blocks, and are walled with giant panes of glass, as though to allow observation. We're never shown the cafeteria, nor a gym (which is usually a notable staple of magical girl shows). As time passes, you grow aware that the show may actually take place in the future; Madoka is seen typing on a luminescent keypad that seems to be built into her desk, the buttons on the hospital elevator seem to be some sort of virtual interface, everything is crisp and clean and shiny like some jetsons-like utopian era. 
I'll be watching the series again, to try and get pictures for a better review. For now, this is it!
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