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There’s no hiding it - - my experience with anime’s whole “magical girl” genre is woefully limited. That’s why I bring on people like Sam and Nick T. to this site who’re serious aficionados. I even had the other Nick do a whole editorial on a recent series that sounded like a post-modern, slightly-meta reinterpretation of the genre on the order of horror-deconstructions like SCREAM. That series, of course, was MODOKA MAGICA and, upon watching it for myself, I suppose BUFFY would be better a comparator, because this very much seems like an anime directed by Joss Whedon.

It’s not just about the girl power, of course. The characters in this story are all quite aware of the genre they’re in, citing how they don’t want to fall into its tropes in the very way that the “Scooby Gang” would recognize potential pitfalls from all the horror flicks they watched. Likewise, the whole switcheroo about the one spooky new classmate seeming to be bad’un, but actually turning out to be good’un, felt like it’d been constructed by somebody with an extensive understanding of how such scenarios typically play out in these types of stories.

Even the dream opener was exciting in the way that so many “false starts” fall so short of being. I can just imagine the director checking off a list of things that frustrate him when a series opens with a dream sequence, saying, “Let’s make sure it feels like it’s actually got high stakes. Let’s make sure it actually relates to what’s coming next in the real world,” and so on.

The kind of attention to the detail and potential drawbacks even extends to these girls’ classroom. I’ve already started growing tired of seeing the exact same scenery in all these high school-set shows, and I bet the director is too, because this outlandish high school is actually something I enjoy looking at, rather than hoping the characters get out of, right away.

I’m kind of intrigued to continue with this... but maybe I’m too late to the party? What do you lunatics think? Is there more to be observed about MADOKA MAGICA?

Watch this episode, "I First Met Her in a Dream, or Something...” here and decide for yourself.

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You should keep watching. If you're already intrigued by the first episode I think you'll really get a kick out of the series.
I'd say episode 3 is when Madoka really hits its stride.
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You've done it now, Tom. There's no way I will appreciate you starting up Madoka Magica and not finishing it. There's only 12 episodes, and if you aren't game by the end of episode 3 then you can jump off.

To me Madoka Magica is one of those shows everyone should watch for the experience. Even if they don't enjoy the show it may be one of those unforgettable marks in anime history.

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Well if you already like the show from the start, your going to really like it later on. You made me realize why I like the show, it was smart about using old tropes and working them in to something interesting and later on will make them thought provoking.

Keep watching, you're not late for this party.

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This one is good.Never finished it tho.Got side tracked with other anime.But ya it hooks ya at 3 for sure.

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Oh yes never to late for this party...this is an incredible show you need to watch now...

Edit: yes episode 3...though 6 is pretty much a shocker to and I hear ten is as well though I haven't gotten that far yet

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Definitely continue watching it. I believe you'll like what you see. Also, episode 3.

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This is probably a good time to try to watch it. I tried watching it while the hype train was at full speed and it just never grabbed me (yes, even after episode 3). I think that with the hype going on at the time it was just impossible for it to live up. It's a show I mean to go back to again, and I probably should have during this weak summer season. Fall looks better but if it's not, I'll probably take another crack at Madoka again.

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I hear nothing but great things about this show, I really need to check it out myself eventually, it already got a bump up my list after reading Nick's article on it. Damn my ever growing list of shows to watch!

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Assuming this is tom and not no name PLEASE watch the rest of this. It has the philosophy that I love and the fancy and amazing artwork you love with action and plot twists. What I said about HR always was that it had everything except action. This has the action in spades and still has the other things that make it wonderful...

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