VIDEO: When Tom & Sam Met MADOKA MAGICA's Cast & Cosplayers

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While I went to that ANOHANA screening solo, my Vice Pit comrade-at-arms Sam Weller was with me for this other event with the good people of Anime Expo and Aniplex.

We may have had more… after pondering the flick a bit longer, but there’s still no downplaying how awesome it was to see new material from this mythos up on such a big screen.

Pretty much all our interaction with, and discussion of, the series has been isolated to my living room or the Vice Pit set, so it was also really surreal and fun to talk with so many other fans and vibe off all the energy. People came at the story from very different angles, to be sure, but it was surprising to hear how many commonalities there were. (Specifically, everybody's mind was blown by .")

Enjoy the video, and ask yourself... which Magical Girl would you cosplay as?

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Pretty cool guys.

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Ah those fans..... There so precious, I can't wait to see the new movie, Let's be honest Sam were all magical girls at heart, In fact after Mikasa's strong role in Attack on Titan, Matoi from Kill La Kill, and even The gender role swap of Witch Craft Works, Do you guys think maybe girls are becoming the stronger leads in anime? And if so dose this mean more guys will need protecting?
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Wow tom actually got to talk to the shaft big wigs, thats impressive. With the success of the movie I think its pretty likely well get a sequel. 
I also gotta say that all the VAs interviewed were smoking hot.
@Kino88: I think its mainly traditional battle shonen and sometimes mecha that has the stronger male lead. Most other anime genres feature weak male leads that get abused or dominated by the female characters (nge, golden time ect) or wishy washy self inserts (engaged to the unidentified, almost every harem ever)
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Great video, look forward to more interviews and event oriented vids! Thanks for your hardwork :D

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Online Now

Sam: Sarah is going to steal that scarf.

Wow, it was looking into an anime red carpet show. I haven't seen Madoka's 3rd movie, and I'm all hyped up for it. It was cool seeing the interviews of fans and the voice actresses.

I tried Madoka because of my little sister's recommendation. It blew my impressions. Thought this show was another magical girl show. It's ranked next to Sailor Moon for me in my heart for magical girls. I'm admit I like magical girl shows. It was a bit embarrassing back then when a guy recommends a magical girl show to another guy.

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