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Ageha Yoshina

The protagonist of Psyren. He's a high schooler who will do anything for 10,000 yen, and ends up being pulled into a game to fight for survival and begins to develop psychic powers as a result.

Eiji Kise

A psychopath with the power to make multiple versions of his limbs appear out of any solid object. In the future he goes by the name of Vigo and fights alongside WISE because he believes that there is art in how they kill humans.

Elmore Tenjuin

Elmore is a famous fortune teller who want info about Psyren

Frederica Tenjuin

One of the children at Elmore Wood training to master her psychic powers. She holds herself in the highest of opinion and can control fire with her mind.


Grigori is the first man made psionist

Hiryu Asaga

Known as "Dragon" Asaga, he grew up a short frail young boy, but after working hard with his childhood friends he became a strong and kind hearted man. He is now one of the fighters in the Psyren games with the power to create a dragon out of his psychic powers.

Kabuto Kirisaki

A character from Psyren who used to be a coward only good at running away and tricking people, now he has developed powers that allow him to see danger and throw it back at his opponents which he uses to protect his friends.

Kagetora Hyodo

Kagetora is a gangster, who have a crush on Matsuri

Kyle Tenjuin

Kyle is part of Elmore Wood School, he loves to fight.

Marie Tenjuin

Marie is part of Elmore Wood School. She is very kind.

Matsuri Yagumo

The former contestant in the Psyren games and current sensei to Ageha and Amamiya. She is also a very skilled concert pianist.

Miroku Amagi

The main villain in the manga Psyren. He serves as both the antagonist in the present and future storylines.

Nemesis Q

A very mysterious character who summons characters to the world of Psyren to fight for survival. Not much is known about him yet.

Oboro Mochizuki

An idol who is bored with life. He gets drawn into the Psyren game and ends up gaining the powers to heal others.

Sakurako Amamiya

Sakurako Amamiya is a mysterious girl from Psyren who was the childhood friend of the series protagonist. She has been training to use her psychic powers for a long time in preparation to fight in the game of Psyren.

Shao Tenjuin

Shao is part of Elmore Wood School


Shiner is the Third Star Commander of W.I.S.E


Usui is a fake cop who is after Psyren Drifters

Van Tenjuin

Van is part of Elmore Wood School, he is very silly.

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