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Also, for any Psycho-Pass fan I recommend watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/2nd GIG

this series is a masterpiece, and from what I saw in PP I think PP was heavily influenced by it, especially the Idea of the sibyl system and the "Cyber-ish Police Force"

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The series has an hour long run for their episodes, cramming two episodes into one, for a grand total of 11 episodes. It's supposed to have new footage. I assume it doesn't add anything new and significant to the story, just new scenes.

Let me ask since I only seen one episode, being too preoccupied with other projects.

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@takashichea: Oh I see. Kinda like the TTGL movies. Thanks.

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@EVA_01: @takashichea: The new footage is I think at the start of where a episode would go between the two episodes or the start of the show. They did a graphic pass over the show an some of it feels slightly out of order from the original. An I swear there seems to be new music here an there.

Ghost in the Shell shares the cyberpunk gene with Psycho-Pass. But really Psycho-Pass shares with say an others see I'm a big fan of Ghost in the Shell as it helped cement cyberpunk as a gene. An comparisons between the two come to mind but the story worlds are different. GitS has a more national security, terrorist focus. Where as Psycho-Pass has the society being the bigger bad guy so to speak.

Have you watched GitS Arise yet?

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@Marshal Victory:

So nothing new much in the Extended Version huh.

Comparing Psycho-Pass to 1984 and Minority Report is actually pretty interesting, I forgot about them.

And as for Arise, Unfortunately, I haven't watched it yet.

Off-topic here, have you noticed how Masamune Shirow's work doesn't get much attention? Aside from GitS Which is actually IIRC just 2-3 chapters long manga, like AppleSeed (only thing we got was a crappy CGI movie), Dominion Tank Police (one OVA that only got to a 3rd of the story and 2 other OVAs that were nothing like it), Black Magic M-66 (Got the Bad OVA treatment) etc.

I'd love it if Production I.G worked on his other mangas, just like how they worked on GitS and made a Masterpiece out of it.

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@EVA_01: The " New Cut" as its called for the hour long episodes does add a little but its hard for me to spot the new animation. Plan on watching it again for 4th time but this time ill watch my collectors edition to see if can spot the differences.

Appleseed should have been a great anime series. The old ova was not bad Appleseed (OAV) . Now you have 2 movies Appleseed, Appleseed Ex Machina an Appleseed XIII which cell shaded look an cgi look made it less enjoyable for me. Also a new one to this month An the they did a movie based of XIII as well. I love his work few months ago bought the Hypernotes, an Illustrations and Data books. Mostly to study a bit style wise for a project that I might make some year.

Thought Black Magic M-66 was not bad for the ova. He was director on it. But he designed a ton of stuff from computer mouse to short stories that are fairly henti. Hes done character models to but he just doesn't seem to make much else . Can look him up on amazon some time will find all kinds of books.

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@Marshal Victory: Didn't know about the other appleseed movies, but they don't look good either, am I judging hastily or are they actually good?. and I agree, appleseed would make a splendid anime series, it just doesn't get much attention.

As for his art Books I actually own a few of them (no H works) weird thing is his art style in the mangas doesn't exactly match his style in the books (except for covers).

About the M-66 OVA it just didn't feel right, it didn't catch the feeling of the manga it was kind of "awkward".

Yeah his works are few and some of them are H, and he pretty much stopped now. too bad.

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I didn't know anime had director's cuts or extended versions; can't imagine what they would show that would add anything of note to the anime. I can see the similarities between psycho pass and ghost in the shell. though personally i think psycho pass is better. I didn't like GITS. I got ten episodes into the first season and gave up. it was a chore to watch. They did Waaaay too much talking and not enough showing. I don't think i have watched a more boring show. Or maybe hacking just doesn't translate well in anime, especially when it lasts several episodes.

I liked the first Appleseed movie; however alpha was not that good

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@katmic: You might like the blue rays of the seasons for GitS bit more. Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society , Ghost in the Shell: Laughing Man , Ghost in the Shell: Individual Eleven are director cuts of the seasons made more into movie form. Not as a slow build as the seasons were. those were amazon links by the way.

GitS has some problems. Mostly the movies an tv series an the new reboot are all set in different locations. Its not consistent story wise but most anime movie to tv series are not either.

@EVA_01: 1st ova for Appleseed I liked it felt like the 1st manga that I read come to life. The others well it all depends they are cgi or cell shaded cgi an the look throws off the tone of the story.

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@katmic: @Marshal Victory:

I was wondering the same thing. What are they are going to add to extended version? I was hoping new stuff on characters we haven't seen being developed more.

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6 of the new cut edit version had alot more new animation an dialogue. Some things click a bit better. An 7 starts off with what I think is new as well. Basically each one will have enuff new animation a bits to fill a intro an end of the series ,time wise that is.As they are filling in for the two older episodes into one. Some of it is good some is dialogue over animation. Tho some have decent bits.

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8 of the new cut one could spot the new animation better as it was bit more in front so to speak for me. We get to nail guns an helmets an all the fights around the tower. So much good in this episode its hard to spot favorites. From book an author quotes to the subtle end of how the system uses you until your a liability.

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