Psycho-Pass is an anime series in the Psycho-Pass franchise
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A 2012 Anime which was written by Gen Urobuchi and directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani.


Psycho-Pass is an anime series by Production I.G. It began airing on October 11, 2012 in Japan.


The series has been licensed by FUNimation in North America.


This story takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person's state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term "Psycho Pass" in the anime's title refers to a standard used to measure an individual's being. The story centers around the "enforcement officer" Shinya Kogami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.


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Public Safety Bureau

Akane Tsunemori
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
Title: Inspector
A rookie Inspector for the Public Safety Bureau who believes as the only person to test so high in this line of work she had something important to add.
Shinya Kogami
Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki
Title: Enforcer
Demoted to Enforcer this previous Investigator for the PSB swears to find the man who murdered one of his partners.
Shuusei Kagari
Voiced by: Akira Ishida
Title: Enforcer
A latent criminal at 5 this Enforcer is always seen making jokes but he has a serious side.
Nobuchika Ginoza
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima
Title: Inspector
Bitter and mean toward Latent Criminals it hides his feelings of abandonment from his Latent Criminal father and ex partner Kogami.
Tomomi Masaoka
Voiced by: Kinryuu Arimoto
Title: Enforcer
A senior Enforcer he has calm wisdom and guides the others when he feels he should step in.
Yayoi Kunidzuka
Voiced by: Shizuka Itou
Title: Enforcer
Quiet and cool there may be a relationship between her and Shion Karanomori but it is unconfirmed as of yet.


Shōgo Makishima
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Title: Criminal
A complete sociopath he gets amusement by letting others try for there twisted dreams but is often disappointed when they fail to meet his expectations to which he discards them like broken toys.


OP01"abnormalize"Ling Tosite Sigure001-011
OP02"Out of Control"Nothing's Carved in Stone012-022
ED01"Namae no nai Kaibutsu (名前のない怪物; Monster with no name)"EGOIST001-011
ED02"All Alone With You"EGOIST012-022
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kyoji Asano
Naoyoshi Shiotani
Gen Urobuchi
Shuichi Hirata
Shinobu Tsuneki
Naoko Kusumi

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General Information Edit
Name Psycho-Pass
Name: サイコパス
Romaji: Saiko Pasu
Publisher Production I.G, Inc
Start Year 2012
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