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Yikes. It’s been a while since I’ve winced over anything I’ve seen in a show, but the part where our friends practically blow up the perp’s shoulder got a real reaction out of me. The Dominators (or whatever they’re called) finally live up to their name.

Putting the visceral down and picking up the cerebral, I found that the senior agent’s inexperience with social networking services - - of all things - - was actually the most thought-provoking part of this episode. To quibble at first, it’s maybe a bit of an amusing plot hole for him to be acting so out-of-touch with a technology that ain’t all too dissimilar from Facebook. If this takes place in the kind of far future it needs to, you’d assume that he’d be a young man today, at the oldest, and all this nonsense would be old hat to him by the time he reached middle age.

It’s a silly point. We’ll let it slide. However, it still does bring up one of the more consistent miscalls in speculative fiction - - the notion that the ratio of dumb people to profound thinkers will be any different in the future. Make no mistake: every rapid advance in technology is eventually going to be put in the service of the same dumb shit that makes you roll your eyes today. You can just look at any collection of Tweets for proof that.

I’m thinking about that while these eager beavers are having their little philosophical discourse in the office. Certainly, such a discussion fits the particular speakers’ pay grade (though it’s still stretching it just a little), but I usually find these sorts of dialogs’ occurrence need more suspension of disbelief than all the far-our gadgets. This sort of thing made me roll my eyes during GHOST IN THE SHELL - - I just had hard time buying grunts be reflective enough to debate Kant while driving to a job - - but I think I give a pass here, again, simply because the issues seem more pertinent to me.

Hopefully, there will be less of this stuff going forward. I feel like the surprise about Kogami’s past as a regular inspector said a lot more just through understated implications. (I also thought it was hilarious that Tsuenomori immediately Googled the answer after Ginoza brought it up. Now, that's totally believable).

Watch this episode, "No One Knows Your Face” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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"Tsuenomori immediately Googled" kinda but it was a search in the divisions computer sytem not google per say.Inspectors have a difrent comp an comunications network.

Reguarding tech Tom Pinchuk is absolutly corect.No level of high tech will make people high class.Im told Idiocracy kinda shows this to the extreme.

Reguarding the facebook thing.. i will never use facebook.Reason one i do not want my information sold.Reason two i dont like who owns the company.An reason 3 i dont like who bought up big chunks of shares of the company.Odds of me using twitter is slim to. If i cant be contacted by phone, steam,email,or even a pm on here on anime vice guess i dont want to be contacted.

Among my friends ( yes i have friends don't so act shocked ) for the 40 to 50 year old set its more rare for some one to do the whole social butterfly thing online than not.An gasp i know of kids in highschool who dont social media either.They did for a while then found out people was using the information to make fun of them.

Shorter version would be i can see some one not doing this next level of avatar social media in psyco pass.An if you think about it a inspector who deals with the trash of society would feel less inclined to be social.

P.S. Warning ya its gona get darker .

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Remember the "grunts" in ghost in the shell were not really grunts but the specialist of the special forces and given the level of technology of that world you had to be both an intellectual and a athletic person to get that high. So yes the ratio of stupid to intelligent people will be the same but I like to think the level of educated to noneducated people might be different.

The more of these I read the more interesting this sounds...may have to check this one out.

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