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Interesting. So the Sybil System is actually some kind of Supreme Intelligence-like brain trust, huh?

If I were more honest about my feelings last time, I would’ve said that I really did picture some brains floating inside that core, but I dismissed the thought in the hopes that they’d go for something a little more unusual. That’s not to say this idea doesn’t fit here, though. The more you think about how this premise centers on every facet of the human experience getting quantified, the more sense it makes for the government to find a way to govern even the rational thought processes of the human brain (or, at least, the brains of “outliers”).

I like how they’ve also repurposed Makishima into a role somewhat similar to Lucifer’s in PARADISE LOST. While certainly a detestable creature, he sort-of exists outside of the usual Good/Evil barometer, and because of his inhuman nature, he's proving to be the cause of necessary change in this world. If we’re to continue on our whole “PSYCHO-PASS & PHILOSOPHY spiel, he’s setting up to be a distillation of the whole notion of blood greasing the wheels of progress. He’s a monster, to be sure - - but so is the Sybil System. And if our heroes can successfully position the clash of these two monsters, they might be able to save their world from the stupor it’s willingly resigned to.

By the way, if anybody who's been keeping close enough notes could fill me in here… does Makishima get reunited with his old accomplice? I have the hardest time keeping track of these names a lot of the time.

Of course, even if I’m not quite sure who Makishima is disassembling at the end of this episode, I’ll tip my hat to Urobuchi for coming up with one genuinely stomach-twisting scenarios. I can’t help but find it amusingly and utterly appropriate that a show about the policing of bad thoughts has been devised by minds with a remarkable talent for morbidly-creative gore.

Watch this episode, "Iron Heart” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Yeah, Touma used to work with him in the past but since he was also an asymptomatic like Makishima, when they captured him, they made him a member of the Sibyl System.

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So much good well played irony in this show. Makishima willl not be the anti hero were used to in comic book yarns.But that does not mean hes not above doing heroic deeds.Then again killing for the greater good has always been used by political machines.

Great explination of how the Sybil System works an cookies for those who got the whole stress part right.No not real cookies cause that might produce stress an cloud your pshyco pass. Wonder how much of this political irony is intentonal or just so easy to project upon.

Would any one be surprised one fo the brains was labeled Abby Normal ?

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Hmm not sure see the lucifer connection really I wouldn't call lucifer an agent of needed change and stagnation without mass murders but still creativity might not be that bad...

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I did see Makishima in a different light once he learned the truth of the Sybil System. Is he going back to murder people? At this point, I don't know.

Yeah, that scene was effectively gruesome, even though the "person" wasn't really a person. Yes, that is Makishima's old running buddy in that body. I think we're meant to assume that the brain is placed in there, because he opens up her head to strike the final blow.

Don't quote me on this, though, because I'm quoting from what I sort of remember. I'm second-guessing myself because I'm thinking it would be easier to "download" someone's brain into a body, rather than place the actual brain inside.

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