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That’d be pretty ballsy if the show actually skirted its main character off at the halfway point and replaced her with a completely new character, wouldn’t it? Actually, it feels like some fraction of the cast has been swapped out, because I don’t feel we’ve been properly introduced to the one Enforcer who jumps the gun on the dudes packing Molotov cocktails at the bar. He seems to be filling the role of the wackier latent criminal with the spikey hair - - did he just get a haircut, perhaps?

I wouldn’t be so bold (and pretentious) as to put this on the level of 1984, just yet; but it still is very pleasing to see some sci-fi that finally goes past the speculations offered up in Orwell’s 64-year-oldnovel since most of them have more-or-less come true. Like, look around - - why would Big Brother even bother setting out to run surveillance on people? So much of the population has already willingly volunteered almost of all their personal information into public databases which, in most cases, have even been organized according to their professional, recreational and romantic lives?

Speculative fiction needs to be about the next step, so I continue to be intrigued by this show’s vision of a world where all sensations - - from art to office politics to interactions with strangers - - are classified according to how much they promote polite society. I mean, you read an article about the ubiquity of “safe” pop music, and it’s not too hard to imagine “harmful” counter-cultural music being labeled dangerous. It’s already happened, of course - - but we’re just waiting for some state official to put together a pseudo-science food pyramid to explain just how much danger is needed in our diet, aren’t we?

See? This is what keeps me coming back to this show.

Watch this episode, "Devil's Crossroad” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I'm glad it finally picked up for you I personally think this a great show and just about every episode since episode 8 has been keeping me coming back. I have to admit the killing in front of her eyes made my heart jump a bit they do intensity of the situation well.


I talked about one episode back to avoid talking about the newest episode.

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This ones mostly a flash back episode to explain some things .Not flash back in the were recyling stuff way either.Alota meat on this shows bones to.The problem with sci-fi fantasy as a gene is when its belivable it loses the fantasy part.This show has more beliveable ideas than fantasy cogs.Not a problem for me per say but to some it might be.Cause it might spur thought.An wheres the fun in that right?

To add some names to what Tom Pinchuk touched on.Lets start with gathering information.Why would a goverment now set up to gather when they can just ask goggle for it. 88% time google hands over the info easy peasy.Source :

Now on to that social media .. An yeah that would cloud your phyco pass but wait theirs more... article shows how an why big data can be bad.

Oh an if you thought your tweets were safe,,, they hand it over to goverments 75% time.An in those of us in the states thats the same goverment who cant run the post office.

The "Dominators" are the only real leep of faith in the series to me.The rest seems all to plausible.

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god bless you Orwellian fiction, god bless you,

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Yea this was in the past and that enforcer if you didnt catch on was the guy KO's psycho past dropped for. Thats enforcer guy that got klled by makishima.

Btw the new ending by egoist is fantastic. always great music like in gulty crown.

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I would argue that we haven't reached 1984 as we don't have history for example being changed to say the government was right, and we don't have the government watching every move we make. Big business on the other hand and marketers...but honestly that worries me less...

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