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Well, that was intense.

I’m seeing now that this has the set-up-the-rules-so-you-can-then-break-them-all structure. To be truthful, I don’t think we needed three and a half hours to properly convey all the specifics of the Sibyl System (especially considering how Episode #1 might as well have been a video game tutorial level for the amount of exposition it went through), but at least the show has offered enough interesting ideas along the way. This isn’t a case where the show doesn’t “get good” until Episode #11.

We are finally at a part where I can start doing some proper plot speculation, though.

First order of business, of course, is my read on Tsunemori’s nightmarish predicament of a blatantly-violent sociopath registering an ever-decreasing Crime Coefficient on her Dominator. I think the implication here is that your Psycho-Pass is really just a measure of internal conflict - - your yin warring with your yang, as it were - - and this artiste Makishima is simple so at peace with his bad self that he has no internal conflict. He knows that this is just the way he is, and he’s known that all his life.

In contrast, every prior suspect this unit has dealt has perhaps been grappling with telltale guilt about their nasty little thoughts. While his speech runs on too long, for sure, the reasoning Makishima espouses really made me think of similar villainous monologues in the likes of VANISHING POINT and 8MM where the bad guys are just so blasé explaining why they’ve done what they’ve done. There’s no childhood trauma, no hidden obsession, just an almost arbitrary reflex to keep taking the wrong turn at any fork in the road.

Considering how they really did go ahead and off Tsunemori’s friend, I’d say that all bets are off at this point. Kogami might actually be out of the picture, due to how seriously his injuries have been presented, and it’s hard not to see Tsunemori’s Psycho-Pass getting more than a little clouded after this horrible experience. Thoughts of revenge are surely swimming in her head, now; all-but-guaranteeing a turn to a latent criminal, right?

Watch this episode, "Saint's Supper” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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It is odd that the show spent so many episodes on simple exposition of the Sibyl system. There was some back story in there too, but not enough to justify 11 episodes.

In the first episode the audience had already been witness to flaws in the Sibyl system so it was no surprise that there were more flaws to be had.

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in defence of a larger defining of the sybil system.It sets it self apart from other similar ideals . As well as showing how people got thier .Frog an warm water sorta thing.For those of us who have lived in er mostly free enviroments loseing all your rights becasue a computer says so is to much to imagine.An yet if you listen the chiping away of freedoms are done every day.

Also it wasnt just the background on the sybil system that was really almost a sub plot unto it self.An as far a vid games an anime go. its only gona get worse :/ Only thing close to this game wise pops to mind would be Deus Ex.

Some of the plot spectulation..well " You might be right rabbit you might be." Sorta.I was actualy shocked they killed Tsunemori’s friend.It was one of those did they just do that moments.Bit out side your normal plot lines .

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