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Wait - - this season’s done already? With the movie coming out next month, this is some diabolic cross-platform synergy, right on level of WINTER SOLDIER and the AGENTS OF SHIELD -- cruelly baiting shippers who’ve been waiting to see Kogami reunite with Akane this whole season.

I was actually thinking this show could benefit from a little variety between small and big cases. The premise is wide enough to fit more than just one big bad per season and, frankly, I’d appreciate an anthology feel some time to give more screen time to the other officers in this ensemble. More than anything, I find it puzzling that Ginoza would be relegated to a space-filler. You’d think the plight of a haughty Inspector suffering the indignity of being demoted to an Enforcer would offer plenty of intrigue for a proper sub-plot, but it wasn’t commented on once.

Then again, he might’ve not actually been there. I don’t know. This season did a poor job of making its easily ddiscerniblefrom each other.

My only other criticism is that Mika’s fate seemed like a cop out. The show was really setting her up to be the negative mirror of Akane and she should’ve perished for her lemming-like behavior. Then again, I guess you could read her scene with Togane as a further demonstration of her lack of convictions. She should had some major confrontation with this guy who just used and humiliated her, but she’d rather not rock the boat, and since nobody’s forcing her hand at that moment, she just opts to do nothing.

The resolution to the Kamui plot plays out a lot more believably, though, with the system more-or-less negotiating its survival as a concession to his point. Essentially, they let the baby have his bottle without actually making any significant changes, so his sacrifice is a little Phyric. Anyway, I doubt this is the end of the show, and we’ll probably have many more opportunities to revisit this “brain trust” in the future.

Watch "What Color?" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

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It was a epic end tho when you think they did lose brain cells in this battle. In a greater sense it was a battle to free them from the system an now that path is open.

From our x discussions...

"What comes of this may be righteous law an order, and peace and freedom." Akane Tsunemori

" Maybe it's optimistic , but we can't know till we try. It is not society that determines people's futures. It is people who determine society's future." Akane Tsunemori

What those two quotes bring to the table combined is depth an politics. An some will hate season 2 just because of that an how true the second quote is.

Oh yeah show end just in time for the movie to. No subs but you should get the idea an wonder who is that at the end?

Fall was a great season .

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Moved to Psycho-Pass 2. Avoiding spoilers since I haven't been catching up.

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I'm not sure some will hate it because of the second quote disagree maybe (I don't but I know plenty of liberals who do and it is true to an extent that were you end up depends on where you start) but I like shows that I disagree with the central premise on all the time. Death Note for example - which can be seen as being very anti death penalty.

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Just as a clarification, the way I understood it, the reason Mika didn't shoot Togane was because he died before she could. That's why her gun went back to normal even though it was still pointed at him.

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(I was wondering who this Mika is, especially since the name is linked to an unrelated anime. Someone should get on adding characters to the wiki. I refer to her as Shimotsuki, usually)

Shimotsuki is what would've happened to Tsunemori if she had totally gone about facing the Sybil system the wrong way. Shimotsuki is sad. She's not only a slave to the system, but they fucked up her brain. She's totally loony.

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@YotaruVegeta: Yeah shes a tool an a slave to the state " society" . She was bitter an envious of our lead so she stayed true to form, which is poor form .

@Alamun: Yeah he died before she could shoot him. Tho I doubt she would have any way.

@zaldar: All I am saying is the second quote is enuff to turn off some. Society can hold one down or you can help reshape it. I can provide examples if need. Tho some will confuse society as rich or poor :/

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