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Last week, Wraith pointed that Parasyte is a bit more Venom than Spider-Man, and that’s absolutely right. After all, a ‘symbiote’ is but a nicer name for a parasite, no? Shinichi’s still more like Peter Parker than Eddie Brock, but the added comparrison brings up another angle I’ve wanted to talk about…

For me, the parasite’s more ‘benign’ manifestations in Shinichi’s hand and this new fella’s jaw are actually more disgusting than the flashier transformations when the blades start flapping around. There’s something about seeing human skin rearranged like putty like that that’s… just… gross.

And it seems more alien to me because it’s probably more specific to Japan’s collective imagination. Western fantasia bases its monsters on how demons have been portrayed in classical art - - basically recombining animal features. Snake tongues, bat wings, goat hooves, and what not. Think of our pal, Venom.

There’s the same conceptual lineage in Japan, I think, but the key difference is that Japanese demons have always seemed more like distorted humans, with features that’re creepy for how they’re only incrementally different from normal people’s. You know, a forehead that’s too high. A neck that’s a little too long. Eyes that are bigger than they should be, etc. You’ll see it in the ways the Titans in ATTACK ON TITAN are rendered, as well as the various ghosts in HOUSE, and so on. The aliens in this show are very much of that strain.

Anyway, I don’t feel too bad about harping on the superhero comparisons, because this whole first arc has felt more like than an extended origin story than anything we ever saw in TIGER & BUNNY. A big chunk of this episode is devoted to explaining the weakness and limitations of Shinichi’s new powers even further. At this rate, I’m expecting him to be getting some GUYVER-esque alter ego...

Watch "Dark Night's Passing" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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Wow this just came out a couple hours ago; that was one fast review. Also I got mentioned in a post! Senpai noticed me!
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Man I love this anime = )

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Now don't get to excited there Wraith ... Senpai's notice is fickle after all ...

I wouldn't say symbiote is simply a nicer word for parasite. At least in biology a symbiote is helpful and not harmful ... exactly how begin the alien forms that seem begin here are remains to be seen I think.

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I didn't notice the Spider-man comparisons, but I'm seeing it now since Wraith and Tom had mentioned it. Monsters in American comics always look cooler compared to the Japanese comics' interpretations of monsters. I prefer the latter.

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Since I don't know of any other way to send news to the site or to mods -

Unsurprisingly the new GITS game is going to blow.

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I think that David Cronenberg would be at home in Japanese fiction, though.

I'm so glad they didn't ice this new character. I thought he was done for.

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