Protect You to the End! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier!

Protect You to the End! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 06/29/2014


Episode Synopsis

Protect You to the End! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier!
Kanji守り抜く! レベッカとおもちゃの兵隊
RomajiMamorinuku! Rebekka to Omocha no Heitai
Protect her 'til the End! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier
Air Dates
June 29, 2014
June 28, 2014
MangaVol. 72 Ch. 721
Theme Music
Opening"Wake Up" by AAA
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Rebecca explains to Luffy about the Toy Soldier as she shares her past with him. She states that living toys are not allowed to live with them in the same house. She describes Toy Soldier is like a father to her. Then, Rebecca is shocked at Luffy eating food on the ground. Luffy mentions it's a waste of food and her money since she bought food for him. In Rebecca's flashback, young Rebecca and her mother sell all the flowers that they gathered up. Later on, the palace is under attack. Rebecca flees with her daughter from Diamante's men. Nearby, Toy Soldier arrives and fires shots at Diamante's men to buy time for Rebecca and her mother. After the fall of Riku kingdom, Rebecca is with her mother in a field of sunflowers, and she tells her mother she's hungry. It has been two days since the two had eaten. Rebecca's mother sneaks into town to grab some food. Later, Toy Soldier arrives back with Rebecca's mother who was shot to dead. He apologizes to Rebecca for not protecting her mother, and he offers her food that her mother sacrificed her life for. Before Rebecca could mourn for her mother, Toy Soldier had to silence her because there are enemies looking for him and Rebecca's mother. After laying her mother to rest, Toy Soldier tries to persuade Rebecca to eat.

While Rebecca eats, Toy Soldier explains what the new king was up to, capturing all the old nobility. He vows to protect Rebecca to the end. Despite his vows, Rebecca cries for her mother and tells Toy Soldier that she hates him for not protecting her mother. In the crowd, Doflamingo makes an announcement to his people that he will make the country wealthy after ousting the Riku family. As the days go by, Toy Soldier works tirelessly to earn money to buy food for Rebecca while protecting Rebecca. During the cold winters, Toy Soldier walks Rebecca to a new village away from the big city for a warm shelter. Toy Soldier tells her he will be by her house in the mornings and will drop a petal in the crack. As the days has gone past, Toy Soldier works tirelessly for Rebecca, making her childhood happy as he could. He would strike little boys for hurting or getting to close to Rebecca. One day, Toy Soldier finds Rebecca kidnapped from her home. He spots the men out in the river with Rebecca. He jumps in the boat and knock one of the men out with a kick. In the process, Toy Soldier gets shot, but he continues to fight back.

Shortly after the event, Toy Soldier has been branded as a wanted criminal. The two move on to find a new home. Rebecca wishes that they will get to live in the same house someday. By the shore of Dressrosa, Toy Soldier teaches Rebecca on how to defend herself because he will not be there.

In the present, Rebecca tosses her shield as she makes her way to the stadium grounds. The audience booed and jeered her. Despite being strong, Rebecca still shed tears. Luffy cannot stand the way Rebecca is being treated. One of the gladiators explain to Luffy that Rebecca is the granddaughter to the king who is despised by the whole country.

Points of Interest

  • Eyecatch Used: Luffy
  • Rebecca's nickname as a gladiator is the Phantom Princess.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Rebecca's back story has been extended in the anime. Scenes include Scarlet being shot, Toy Soldier working odd jobs, and Rebecca having Toy Soldier dress up during shopping.
  • In the scene where Rebecca sleeps on Toy Soldier's lap on that cold winter, Rebecca is seen thinking about Toy Soldier in the manga. In the anime, Toy Soldier does the thinking.
  • During Rebecca's kidnapping, Toy Soldier shoots the men on the ground in the manga. In the anime, he strikes them with the butt of his rifle out in the river.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Toy Soldier: "Although I couldn't protect your mother, I'm gonna protect you to the end, with my life! Until the day you are filled with happiness, I will always be by your side!"
— Toy Soldier's Vow

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