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The nicer child-like side of Lucy's personality, she has a very limited vocabulary.

Oboro Iga

The Beautiful Ninja Princess of the Iga. With the power of her mystic eye she is able cancel Ninja techniques.

Oga Tatsumi

A strong fighter who becomes the earthly father of the Demon King's son, Beelzebub.

Oishi Kawaii

Oishi Kawaii is a space demon hunter and the successor to her father, who was also a demon hunter but got fired because he's terrible at it.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, the heroic faction of Cybertronians from the Transformers series. Said to be one of the greatest warriors of the Cybertronian Civil War, Optimus Prime transforms into a Kentworth cab forward truck.


The Main character of the Karas anime. Otoha was in a coma until the day Yurine came to him and gave him the powers of the Raven Karas. Now he is a doctor and protector of the city.

Phoenix Ikki

The wrathful Saint of Athena who wears the Bronze Cloth of the Phoenix Constellation.


A desert bandit that steals water. She is the protagonist of the manga titled Pink.


A young angel. He's also the most loyal servant of the goddess Palutena and as such is the captain of her royal bodyguards.

Pudding Fong

Pudding Fong

Punie Tanaka

The Princess of The Magic Kingdom and a Master of Submission techniques.

Ranze Eto

The main protagonist of Tokimeki Tonight. Her Father is a vampire and Mother is a werewolf because of this anything she bites she will turn into and can only turn back when she sneezes.

Raye Hino

Rei Hino is actually Sailor Mars, a evil fighting Sailor Scout with the power of fire, she along with the other scouts fight against evil everywhere. She specifically fights for love and justice in the name of Mars.

Recca Hanabishi

A super-powered teen who is obsessed with ninjas, not knowing he is one himself. Being a descendant of the leading line of the Hokage, Recca has the ability to create Fire.

Reiji Ozora

Main character in Dragon Drive. He is able to tame dragons.

Reiko Mikami

A young and attractive Ghost Sweeper (exorcist) who uses her skills to earn a buck. CEO of Mikami Ghost Sweeper CO. One of the most powerful ghost sweepers in the world.

Reiott Steinberg

The main hero of the Strait Jacket series.

Rentaro Satomi

Rentarō Satomi is a young high school student and member of Private Security organization that fights against the Gastrea.


Renya is the child of fallen Japanese nobility, raised and trained in the ninja arts. He has a false left arm that takes on a life of it's own after a failed attempt at a Geass contract with C.C.


Revy is the muscle of the Lagoon Company couriers known as Two Hands in the corrupt Thailand city of Roanapur.

Riiko Izawa

Riiko Izawa is the protagonist in the main series Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase.

Rikuo Nura

Rikuo Nura is the protagonist of Nurarihyon no Mago series. He is the grandson of Nurarihyon and Yohime, and son of Rihan Nura and Wakana Nura.

Rin Natsuki

One of the main characters in the anime Yes! Pretty Cure 5. She transforms into Cure Rouge.

Rin Okumura

The main Protagonist of the manga and anime Ao no Exorcist. The demonic son of Satan.

Ringo Akai

Ringo is Ichigo's cousin and lives in nature reserve with her bigbrother Mashio Akai. She have pet penguin Yuki.

Rinka Urushiba

The main female protagonist of Tokyo ESP who has the power to phase through inanimate objects.

Rintaro Tachibana

Rintaro is the main protagonist of Dragons Rioting. He has been diagnosed with a rare, but severe sickness called Hentai Syndrome which is fatal if he ever gets sexually aroused. For 10 years, his father has trained him in a powerful martial arts style named Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu. This way, he can prevent this from killing him.

Ririko Yugami

Ririko Yugami is the protagonist of 30 Girl.

Risa Koizumi

Koizumi Risa the protagonist of the anime/manga/drama series Lovely Complex.

Robin Sena

Robin Sena is the main character of Witch Hunter Robin. She has the power of fire and and uses it, as a member of STN-J, to hunt witches. Eventually, she becomes the witch who is hunted.

Rushuna Tendo

Rushuna Tendo is an busty senshi who is an skilled revolver markswoman.

Ryo Saeba

Ryo Shindo

Ryo Shindo was an average student until his ninja girlfriend passed on her ocular abilities to him to see into the hearts of women.

Ryoko Mitsurugi

Member of the Kendo club,and K Fight Champion

Ryoko Yakishuji

Ryoko is an intelligent rich and resourceful woman who works as an investigator for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.She's the titular character of the story.


The main protagonist of Pokémon RéBURST. Ryouga is a user of Burst to which he merges with the legendary Pokémon Zekrom.


The main protagonist in the Street Fighter series that was created by Capcom.

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi is a nomadic transfer student who is trying to find her father's killer. Her search leads her to join Honnouji Academy.

Ryuuto Henge

The main protagonist in Kyonyuu Fantasy.


Saitama is a superhero who saves people for fun. Later in the series he has joined The Heroes Association, also known as the Superhero Society.

Saki Hyuuga

One of the main characters in the anime Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. She transforms into Cure Bloom and Cure Bright.

Sakura Rokujo

A member of the Tokko Special forces she use a sword to cut down the monsters.

Sakura Shinguji

The main character of the Sakura Wars series.

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester hunts demons and supernatural creatures with his older brother, Dean.

Samurai Jack

The protagonist of the series of the same name. He has mastered many of the world's fighting styles.

Sana Kurata

Sana Kurata is the main character in the Kodocha series.

Satoshi "Sasshi" Imamiya

A Hyper-active boy who can create different realities out of his Otaku interests.

Saya Kisaragi

Saya Kisaragi is a high school girl that as raised as a shrine maiden and in swordsmanship by her father. A dark secret has been kept from her as she defends her town from the Furukimono.

Sayuka Kouenji

The main character of Beat Angel Escalayer, she transforms into Escalayer during times sexual arousal to fight against evil.

Sebastian Michaelis

The butler and bodyguard of Earl Ciel Phantomhive. He often states that he is "one hell of a butler."

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