Prophecy is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 11/28/1999

Despite Myotismon's apparent defeat, his fog barrier continues to loom over the district, even thicker than before. As everyone tries to decide on the next course of action, Izzy receives an incoming message on his laptop from Gennai, who claims to have found a way of defeating Myotismon once and for all. He then shows them an ancient prochecy, describing a sky darkened by many bats, the rising of an undead king, and a miracle at the hands of angels. The group aren't at all sure what to make of this. In the mean time, thoughts turn to that of their families, so they set off to find them and make sure their okay. Joe finds no sign of his parents at home, though instead finds his brother Jim, who's been hiding in a closet. Once Joe rejoins everyone else, they decide to split up, with one group going to the convention center, and the other trying to find a way through the thickening fog barrier. Joe and his brother Jim arrive at the convention center first, giving them a brief chance to talk about Joe's future career as a doctor, which seems to be something that Joe's father wants, rather than Joe himself. Their discussion is cut short as the others begin to arrive. After clearing the convention center of Myotismon's minions, the children find their parents, in a deep sleep with the rest of the people from the district. Nothing seems to wake up them. Jim takes the opportunity to finish the conversation from earlier, telling Joe that he should be aiming for what he wants in life, even if his father doesn't approve.

On the water, the other group, consisting of Matt, T.K. and their father Hiroaki, can find no way through the fog. They head back to the shore, only to be ambushed by a pack of Gizamon. Retreating back to the nearby van only worsens things, as the Gizamon tip the van on its side. Just when it seems like there's no way out, the Gizamon mysteriously vanish, the only clue to their disappearance being a cloud of bats - the first part of the ancient prophecy.

Back at the convention center, Izzy's parents are also talking the opportunity to talk to Izzy, and decide to reveal the truth concerning Izzy's adoption, which he had long been in denial about. Izzy also confesses to how his obsession with computers came as a result of this denial. By the end of the conversation, Izzy and his parents seem closer than ever before.

Meanwhile, the people in the convention center suddenly begin chanting Myotismon's name, and the DigiDestined are reminded of Gennai's prophecy. From it, they conclude that Myotismon will reveal his true form at six seconds past 6:06 - "the hour of the beast". This gives the group mere minutes to make their way back the TV station, where a cloud of bats are gathering. a flash of light, and the collapse of the TV station reveal the beast that is VenomMyotismon. Agumon and Gabumon are quick to react, and digivolve to their Champion forms. It's soon obvious that this isn't enough, as they're met by a strong opposing wind, and DemiDevimon's taunting words. Though, DemiDevimon soon pays the price for his evil actions, and is consumed by his own master. Greymon and Garurumon digivolve further to Ultimate, and they manage to at least hold VenomMyotismon off, as Hiroaki, Tai and Matt rush back to the convention center to evacuate everyone.

Of course, they soon face the truth that they'll never get everyone away in time, leaving them with only one option - to fight. Gatomon is first to suggest this, though insists that only she and Patamon go. So the two digivolve to their angelic forms, and soon join the fight. Meanwhile, Izzy continues to study the rest of the prophecy, and the message soon becomes clear - Angemon and Angewomon must fire arrows of hope and light at Matt and Tai. Of course, this seems like an odd solution, but by this point, the group are willing to try almost anything. So, Tai and Matt brace themselves as the angel Digimon prepare to shoot. The arrows strike, and a flash of light is emitted from the two DigiDestined, causing Agumon and Gabumon to react, as they're thrust into a new type of digivolution, sending them past the Champion and Ultimate stages, and onto the Mega stage - WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are the resulting miracle.

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